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June 28, 2007

MOCCA Reviews – Calavera Comics pt. 1 – Hero Twins

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FBB went to Mocca this week and had a generally good time. I bought a few things, specifically three comics from Calvera Comics out of Miami, FL.



Their table attracted me at the show due to a combination of stunning artwork and a great attitude from the people there. I had just ran into the writer on the books in the elevator moments before and he was pretty nice guy.


They had a pretty sweet deal going, buy all 3 of the comics they had on sale there and get a free poster. They had so many awesome posters, it was pretty hard to pick out just one. I settled on this one, convinced by Jamaal that this was a killer tagline.


Even though I had been blown away by the artwork, the true test was taking the books home and reading them.


I started off with Hero Twins by John Nofsinger, Brian Clothier, Mike Houlihan, and Anniryn Armstrong. Right off, I cannot gush enough over the colors in this and each of the other books. It fits perfectly with this entire lines mix of ethnic flavour and non-superhero genres.


The art is just fly. I’m a big fan of the hyper-stylized cartoon and Nofsinger’s art, even though it was not of that style, was quite good. What stood out for me in particular Diego’s facial expressions. They sold everyone of the character beats wrote in for Diego. In regards to the writing, Clothier does a good job in the diary sections but stays away from dialogue and focuses on the narration from Diego, which is strong. It has a weird tint to it, sounding like a native Spanish speaker translating the story back to us in English. I really dug this and the way it work here. It was the right mix of closeness and distance.


The book makes some missteps. I don’t care for the Enter the Dragon reference in one of the wrestling matches, it’s a moment of cheese in a story I’m supposed to take seriously. This clashes hard against some awesome mix media pages from Diego’s diary. The narration from him in the captions work so well, so I was displeased to see that throwback line take away from that.

In the end it’s a good setup issue. We see Diego start on the bottom, find a tool to rebuild himself and quickly gain success. I felt along with his lamenting the rush decision to put on the mask, now that it is revealed it comes with a cost. I’m invested in Diego enough to want to learn about him and pickup the next issue. Especially since we can see that he has a certain level of downfall awaiting him.


My only nagging concern is that I’m still uncertain of the direction this book is going. It’s got enough engaging elements of Mayan mythology that I hope the book continues to take it seriously but still showcases the fantastic fight sequences. The wrestling matches depicted in enough brutal glory that when Diego stands tall at the end you feel for him.


Definitely worth the 3 bucks. Other 2 reviews later this week.


  1. Great review! Is this line of comics available in most local comic shops?

    Comment by Jamaal — June 28, 2007 @ 3:17 pm

  2. Our first official review! Thank you so much for the kind words. I will lament the Chico Green/Jim Kelly character and dialogue was added as both a tribute to Bruce Lee and a bit of kitschy humor. As far as where the book is headed…wait until you get issues two and three. Hopefully your socks will officially be blown off. By that time, many more secrets will begin to reveal themselves. Thanks again for taking the time to review our work.

    Brian Clothier
    Writer – Calavera Comics

    Comment by Brian Clothier — June 28, 2007 @ 4:45 pm

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