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May 22, 2007

Marvel Mercilessly Mutilates Modesty: Heroes For Hire #13

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There’s been a lot of big to-do about this Mary Jane statue. Personally, I think it’s a pretty sad and embarrassing piece of art to have on display in your household. But Marvel just came out with their August solicitation preview, and something caught my eye that frankly makes the representation of women in the Mary Jane statue seem like Rosie the Riveter.

Get ready for this, folks. It’s after the jump.

What the fuck?

What the fuck, Marvel? Who do I blame for this? The artist, Sana Takeda? Do I blame Mark Paniccia for commissioning it or allowing its use? Joe Quesada? How the hell can ANYBODY who signed off on this cover have thought it was a good idea? Three women being declothed by a tentacle monster while apparently a bunch of bugs watch? The looks of terror on their faces, the semen-like fluid coming off of the phallic tentacles? This is the amalgamation of everything wrong with the artistic portrayal of women in comics, in one image, cranked up to 11. Even if I regularly purchased this book, I couldn’t buy this issue! I’d have to rip off the cover! You can’t read this in the subway — Hell, you couldn’t read this ANYWHERE without people rightly suspecting you of being a pretty fucked up person! And someone at Marvel, a professional, saw this work of art, and approved it and this approval made its way all the way to the top, as part of a linewide crossover?

Come ON, Marvel. You can do better than this. Please don’t actually use this piece of pornography that’s offensive to the morals and, even worse, senses on the cover of a Marvel funnybook.

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