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May 14, 2007

Pull List Analysis for 5/16/2007

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This is a fill-in edition of Pull List Analysis just like most of DC’s Top Books. This week Jamaal and I will have a couple choice looks and try out a different format. The full list is after the jump.


Batman Black and White Volume 3Batman Black And White Vol 3 HC $24.99
– A quick Google search tells me that this appears to be a collection of the remaining Gotham Knights backups that were in the book before it switched to being Hush Monthly that were not reprinted in the second trade. I am in love with the first two trades . It’s what pointed me towards discovering the work of Paul Pope. Considering that Cooke has a backup yet to be printed, this is worth a look.

Batman Chronicles Vol 3 TP $14.99
– This is the worst idea I have ever seen and heard. Let’s print all batman stories in chronological order in tiny trades. This will sell like gangbusters! I also like that this has priority over all the other trade projects DC could be investing their time into.

Countdown 50Countdown #50 $2.99
-The continuity porn continues! The ripples coming from the death of Duela affect everything! Darkseid may continue his chess game! More obscure characters may die!

Hellblazer The Devil You KnowHellblazer The Devil You Know TP $19.99
-A (re-released?) collection of some early Hellblazer, done by Jamie Delano. The writing is excellent, especially if you’re familiar with Thatcher’s Britain.

JLA 9Justice League Of America Vol 2 #9 $2.99
-The search for the lost Legionnaires from a twenty year old continuity will continue. Michael Turner will submit another anatomically incorrect cover.

Plain Janes GN $9.99
– Cecil Castellucci’s well received Minx book is finally coming out. Will girls rush out to buy it? Will fanboys pass it by? I hear if this goes well, Cecil may be on her way to some superhero books. Rugg’s art is pretty decent too.


Cable Deadpool #40 $2.99
-Alien soul vampires! Socialist utopian island paradises! The premise of this issue sounds ridiculous, but this series has been criminally underrated.

Captain America Fallen Son 3Fallen Son Death Of Captain America Captain America $2.99
– Jeph Loeb’s first issue was pretty good considering his recent output, but the second issue fell flat even with some great art by Ed McGuiness. I really have a fear of what Loeb will do with an issue that revolves around a bunch of people trying to be Cap. Sigh, it even has fucking Klaus Janson inks? I hate when I buy something just because its pretty.

Runaways Vol 3 HCRunaways Vol 3 HC $24.99
– The last of the Vaughan issues in my preferred format. There really isn’t someone you can’t recommend this book to. This is also in a larger readable version than those digest books and 5 dollars cheaper than most oversized hardcovers. This is a solid enough deal for me to do go ahead and do in person.

Ultimates 13Ultimates 2 #13 $3.99
– Yes Virginia, This is getting printed. What a wonderful week. Enjoy that 8 page gatefold that was soooo needed.

Uncanny X-Men #486 $2.99
– After 12 issues of hit and misses, Brubaker’s first arc on his most lackluster title comes to an end. I been reading this and it’s been mildly okay but no where as strong as his other books. Deadly Genesis was the same way, maybe Brubaker shouldn’t be on X books.

Action Comics #849 $2.99
All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #5 $2.99
Apothecarius Argentum Vol 1 TP $9.99
Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #52 $2.99
Army At Love #3 $2.99
Batman #665 $2.99
Batman Black And White Vol 3 HC $24.99
Batman Chronicles Vol 3 TP $14.99
Battler Britton TP $19.99
Catwoman Vol 3 #67 $2.99
Checkmate Vol 2 #14 $2.99
Countdown #50 $2.99
Ex Machina #28 $2.99
Fables #61 $2.99
Flash The Fastest Man Alive #12 $2.99
Hellblazer The Devil You Know TP $19.99
Justice League Of America Vol 2 #9 $2.99
Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century #2 $2.25
Oyayubihime Infinity Vol 5 TP $9.99
Plain Janes GN $9.99
Showcase Presents The Flash Vol 1 TP $16.99
Supergirl Vol 5 #17 $2.99

IDW Publishing
30 Days Of Night Eben & Stella #1 $3.99
Adventures In Oz HC $75.00
Clive Barkers Great And Secret Show #12 $3.99
Spike Asylum TP $19.99
Zombies Eclipse Of The Undead TP $19.99

After The Cape #3 $2.99
Bastard Samurai Vol 1 TP New Ptg $12.99
City Of Heroes Vol 2 #19 $2.99
Death Jr Vol 2 #3 $4.99
Dynamo 5 #2 New Printing $3.50
Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #1 New Ptg $3.99
Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #2 $3.99
Hero By Night #3 $2.99
KISS 4K #1 Destroyer Edition $50.00
Madame Mirage First Look Regular Kenneth Rocafort Cover Signed By Paul Dini $1.00
Madman Atomic Comics #1 New Ptg $2.99
Occult Crimes Taskforce #4 $2.99
Rob Zombie Presents The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto TP $19.99
Sidekick #5 $3.50

Amazing Spider-Girl Vol 1 TP $14.99
Blade Undead Again TP $14.99
Cable Deadpool #40 $2.99
Civil War War Crimes TP $17.99
Civil War X-Men Universe TP $13.99
Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #2 2nd Ptg Variant Cover $3.99
Exiles Vol 3 #94 $2.99
Fallen Son Death Of Captain America Captain America $2.99
Magician Apprentice Vol 1 HC $19.99
Marvel Adventures Avengers #13 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #25 $4.99
Marvel Heroes Flip Magazine #25 $4.99
Marvel Masterworks Incredible Hulk Vol 4 HC $54.99
Mighty Avengers #3 $2.99
Moon Knight Vol 5 #10 $2.99
Orson Scott Cards Wyrms #4 $2.99
Red Prophet Tales Of Alvin Maker Vol 1 HC $19.99
Runaways Vol 3 HC $24.99
Ultimate Spider-Man #109 $2.99
Ultimate X-Men #82 $2.99
Ultimate X-Men Vol 16 Cable TP $14.99
Ultimates 2 #13 $3.99
Uncanny X-Men #486 $2.99
X-Factor Vol 3 #19 $2.99
X-Factor Vol 3 Many Lives Of Madrox HC $19.99
X-Men First Class Special $3.99

Dark Horse
BPRD Garden Of Souls #3 $2.99
Conan #40 $2.99
Fear Agent Vol 1 Re-Ignition TP $12.95
Hanami International Love Story Vol 1 TP $9.95
Satans ##### Baby – ADULTS ONLY $3.50
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Vol 2 Flashpoint TP $18.95
Star Wars Rebellion #6 $2.99


Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics

Gargoyles Vol 2 #4 $3.50

Antarctic Press
Ninja High School #149 $2.99

Archaia Studios Press
Artesia Vol 3 Artesia Afire HC $24.95
Mouse Guard Vol 1 Fall 1152 HC $24.95

Avatar Press
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Masterworks $4.99
Lady Death Shi #1 $3.99
Plague Of The Living Dead #1 $2.99
Warren Ellis Black Gas 2 #2 $3.99

Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment
Cavewoman Reloaded #4 Special Edition $11.99
Scarlet Cascade Fearbook Special Edition $9.99

Blu Manga
Love Mode Vol 5 GN $9.99

Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics #130 $2.99

BOOM! Studios

Fall Of Cthulhu #2 $3.99
Hero Squared Ongoing #6 $3.99
Left On Mission #1 $3.99

Devils Due Publishing
GI Joe Storm Shadow #1 Cvr A Murphy $3.50
GI Joe Storm Shadow #1 Cvr B Previews Exclusive Foil $9.99
Nightwolf The Price #4 $2.99
Xombie #2 $3.50

Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica Vol 4 #9 $2.99
Highlander #7 $2.99
Painkiller Jane Vol 3 #1 $3.50
Red Sonja Vol 4 #22 $2.99

Misery Loves Comedy HC $24.95

Go! Comics

Cantarella Vol 7 GN $10.99
Crossroad Vol 7 GN $10.99
Tenshi Ja Nai (Im No Angel) Vol 7 GN $10.99

Harper Collins

Family Guy It Takes A Village Idiot And I Married One TP $14.95

Jam Packed Productions
Super Naturals #2 $2.50

Masterpiece Comics
Wild Boys #1 Incentive Signed Edition $8.00

Mirage Studios

Tales Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #33 $3.25
Tales Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #34 $3.25

Oni Press
Local #9 $2.99
Wasteland (Oni Press) #9 $3.50

Radio Comix
Furrlough #170 $3.50

Random House

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Vol 37 SC Daredevil Cvr $29.95

Sirius Entertainment

Deady Vol 4 Big In Japan GN $5.95


24 The Official Companion Seasons 3 & 4 TP $16.95

Very Dynamic Comics
Books With Pictures #4 $2.95

Yaoi Press
Love Circles Vol 1 GN $12.95


Final Destination Spring Break #4 $3.99
SE7EN #5 Pride $3.99

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