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May 8, 2007

Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer Trailer Impressions

I hate movie trailers.

It’s for a pretty silly reason too.

Like many fans, I am a gentleman who is susceptible to hype. I am easily swayed by pretty pictures, flashy objects with no substance. If I were a stronger man, I could fight this urge and not get my hopes up, but I have a weak spot for dork related shit.

I learned this lesson hard with the Matrix sequels. As I was graduating college, everyone was talking about these movies as it was the Second Coming of Christ. You know how this story ends.

So to this day, I try to avoid anything that could get me hyped up or excited for any movie, game, album, even comics.

This philosophy has worked well for me, especially for comic book movies. I find having no expectations make it easier for me to enjoy what a movie is instead of the insane idea I am supposed to imagine what it is. I really liked Hellboy because of this.

The Fantastic Four movie took me two attempts to get through. The first time I got about 30 minutes in, to where the Thing’s costume was revealed, and I turned it off. It just seemed pretty crappy. It seemed sadder than the Corman movie because this one had an actual budget and real actors.

However, I was stuck someplace where they had the movie on DVD. I gave it another chance and found myself liking the movie towards the end. It was pretty decent. Even if John Byrne is right (ha ha) about Jessica Alba being off, everyone else looked and felt right in their roles. They weren’t necessarily playing the comic FF I loved, they were good as the Movie FF.

The movie made enough money to garner a sequel, so I know I am not the only one who felt this way, but Jamaal wasn’t a big fan. It was to my surprise to hear from him that he found the extended trailer that came with Spidey 3 (which I still need to see) enjoyable.

I got on apple’s website and checked out the video . They do a good job getting two things across for hardcore fans and summer moviegoers that emphasis the two things that define the best parts of reading a fantastic four comic.

1) Nailed the mystery of Silver Surfer.

If you don’t know the story of Galactus, which is probably a lot of people, the Silver Surfer is an amazing thing to see in action. He’s hypnotic, otherworldly, and the moment Reed states that he’s linked to planet level destruction, creepy. He becomes an adventure that you and the Fantastic Four dive into.

2) Show the best parts of Ben Grimm’s and Johnny’s Personality

The power switch sequence is a great scene to show in the trailer. It evokes a fun character examination bit that Waid did in his Fantastic Four run involving Galactus. Both the two actors playing Johnny and Ben get across everything long term fans love about the two characters. Their comedic asides make up a good portion of the family aspect that draws fans to the Fantastic Four.

The Thing costume still looks kind of bad and the scene where the general tells them of the surfer has some bad acting. I still don’t think Reed and Sue are right but any character moments for them in the trailer are M.I.A. Hopefully the momentarily revealed wedding subplot will give them a chance.

Shit, I’m hyped for this movie. Dammit, Jamaal!

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