The Editors

Funnybook Babylon is a site devoted to comics criticism, discussion, and commentary. We seek to raise the intellectual bar for comics discussion while maintaining a sense of fun and irreverence.

Here’s the current staff:

Chris Eckert – Managing Editoremail

Chris has been reading funnybooks since he was very young. You know the Flaming Carrot origin story where he reads 10,000 comics in one sitting and goes insane and becomes a superhero? He did that, only over several sittings, so he only gets to sell superhero supplies. Chris loves comics, even superhero comics, very much, which is why he is so mean to them.

Jamaal Thomas – Coordinating Editoremail

Mr. Jamaal Thomas regrets that it is impossible for him to: Read manuscripts, write articles to order, write forewords or introductions, make statements for publicity purposes, do any kind of editorial work, judge literary or artistic contests, give interviews, take part in conferences, answer questionnaires or any other internet meme, contribute to or take part in symposiums or panels of any kind, contribute articles for sales, donate copies of his work to libraries, autograph works or t-shirts for strangers, allow his name to be used on letterheads, supply personal information about himself, or supply opinions on comic books or any other subject. (All apologies to the master, Mr. Wilson). I tumbl at Infected Worldmind.

Pedro Tejeda – Technical Specialistemail

After voraciously picking up his sister’s leftover comics as a young lad, Pedro bought anything that had John Romita Jr drawing it, something he still does to this day. His tiny little hands grabbed whatever they could, and left him with a taste for Captain America, Over-Sized Hardcovers, Steve Weismann, Ballin’, Amanda Waller, and Hello Kitty. He has been known to call Alan Moore a crybaby, seen suggesting tweaks to Geoff Johns’ JSA, laughing at Joe’s Manifesto and awaiting the next single of Incredible Hercules. The only thing he loves more than America are gay mutants. His current pursuits are playing Expert drums in Rock Band and finding how you got kiddie porn on to your computer. He is happy to hear that his Metal Gear Solid fan-fiction has finally disappeared off the internet.

David Uzumeri – Contributing Writeremail

David is a young code monkey/software architect living and working in downtown Toronto. He likes Kirby, Morrison, and any creator who tries to make you think. He’s got an irrational fascination with the big-two shared universes, but is interested in anything with something to say.

Joseph Mastantuono – Media Editoremail

Born in France, he migrated to the US at a young enough age to not have so much of an accent. If given the chance he’ll talk at length of the superiority of his Gallic ways. The podcast was his idea, and the arrogant bastard complains at every turn at how much time he spends editing it. Coming from a film school background and working in post-production makes him think that he actually has a right to be as pretentious as he is. If you don’t think he’s pretentious, here’s the proof: He wrote a Manifesto for this site…

Jonathan Bernhardt – Media Editoremail

The cheeky little brother that Mom makes FBB take everywhere. No lie, the dude is like, fifteen years old. He’s got a driver’s license? What? You can’t buy liquor with that shit. FBB is kind of embarrassed by Jon, but keeps him around to meet snark and David Lapham quotas. And Wire quotas. You can never rep the Wire enough. FBB keeps its name in the streets.

Matt Jett – Contributing Writeremail

Matt Jett is a 23 year old aspiring nerd journalist from Austin, Texas. As a recent college grad, he dove headfirst into the job market and came up floundering, and is now planning to retreat back into the protective womb of academia. He has a personal blog at where he talks about things that are not comics.