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August 6, 2010

FBBP #128 – Scott Pilgrim & Daken: Separated at Birth?

This week, we look two semi-autobiographical Young Man Coming of Age stories that came to their conclusion in July!

Wolverine Origins #50 by Daniel Way & Will Conrad (Marvel Comics)
Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press)

We’ve talked about Scott Pilgrim before, particularly in FBBP #96. Be forewarned, we follow up on some of the discussions from that podcast, not to mention spoiling the crap out of the entire series.

There’s been less FBB talk about Daken (aka Daniel Kenneth Way), but Jamaal has been reading the book all along, and shares his thoughts on the evolution of both Da*Ken*s. We know Daken’s taken on The World, but does he Get it Together? Is this either young man’s actual Finest Hour? Find out this week!

January 27, 2010

FBBP #122 – 2009 in Review

In our first podcast of 2010, FBB looks back in love, not in anger at 2009. For regular listeners, our favorite books are pretty easy to guess, but we try to throw some praise at some unsung funnybooks too.

Will we remain so positive all year? Are there still ring giveaways coming up? The two are likely related in some diffuse way.

April 29, 2009

FBBP #97 – Book Club! Scott Pilgrim v1

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This week FBB reads the first volume of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s popular Scott Pilgrim series, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life. With Edgar Wright’s film adaptation in production, this seemed like a fine time for everyone to read (or reread) the book, which Chris once infamously described as being “about video games and punk rock”. Is it really? Listen and find out!

We’ll be checking in on Scott Pilgrim again in the near future, and are accepting suggestions for future “Book Club” suggestions in the coming months. Let us know what you think!

February 16, 2009

FBB Valentine’s Day Weekend: 25 Things Chris Loves About Comics

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What? It’s President’s Day, there’s no school, people are off work… it’s still Valentine’s Day Weekend!


February 14, 2009

FBB Valentine’s Day Weekend: 25 Things Jon Loves About Comics

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Since it’s close enough to Valentine’s Day for government work, some of us at FBB have decided to once again put aside the women in our lives to reflect on our true passion: comic books. We decided to each list twenty-five things we love about comics, be they creators, characters, moments, plot devices, instances in time, whatever. Mine follow. (more…)

November 16, 2007

Scott Pilgrim, Vol 4: Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together

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Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Comedy Action Romantic Graphic Novel Series gets a fourth book and our hero gets a chance to grow up. Will he?

Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Scott Pilgrim v4)
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Oni Press

Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together cockteases you with by opening with ten color pages that I still don’t get the meaning of. It’s a shame, because it’s so pretty. Either way, the black and white art is still expressive and does a lot with fewer lines than previous volumes. O’Malley jacks up the romance as our hero goes through a hot Canadian summer of growin’ up. It’s a rather cool character progression that O’Malley underscores with one of my favorite jokes in the book. There are a bunch of jokes in this volume, and they’re funny, but this volume has less of the funky action sequences that I was a big fan of in the earlier volumes. It could be that this is a longer book, making the throwdowns feel sparser. But when you get to the last fight, you’ll laugh and for cheer Scott, which is a great feeling. I am absolutely in love with the series and I can’t wait to visit his world again. Buy all these books and lend them to your friends. Don’t ask for them back,just buy them the fuck again.

They forgot to get mayo in the earlier sequence.Wallace is gay and also hilarious.Oh nice one Wallace. You are king of the burns.

Previews are available here and here.

November 12, 2007

Pull List Analysis for November 14, 2007

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This is a huge week. I’ve been sick these past two weeks but I’m back in action now. Let’s roll.

8113_400×600.jpgBatman and the Outsiders #1
Chuck Dixon & Julian Lopez

This book has had, at different times, Judd Winick, Peter J. Tomasi, Tony Bedard and now Chuck Dixon attached on writing duties. So it’s gone through a little bit of a development hell. This seems to be the set direction, though, and it’s likely to read very much like Chuck Dixon’s previous Batman books, just with new characters. Although it should be fun to watch him (try to?) write lesbians in a loving relationship. He didn’t fuck it up too bad with Midnighter and Apollo.

8196_400×600.jpgJLA: Ultramarine Corps TPB
Grant Morrison & Various

FINALLY, the amazing first three issues of JLA Classified reprinted in trade form. This really should have been included with Seven Soldiers, as it’s a prelude to that story, but hey. It’s also got a pretty lame-sounding JLA/Wildcats crossover that I’ve never read, but hey, it’s Morrison, so it can’t be that bad.

5977_400×600.jpgLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier
Alan Moore & Kevin O’Neill

This needs no introduction. Hope you live in the US.

8329_400×600.jpgSalvation Run #1
Bill Willingham & Sean Chen

Been wondering where the Suicide Squad were carting all those DCU villains off to? Wonder no more! In this 7-issue mini, reportedly based on a George R.R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire) pitch, Lex Luthor, the Joker, the Rogues and every other villain anybody gives a shit about are stuck on famed Legion prison planet Takron Galtos. Basically, it’s the original Secret Wars minus the heroes, with a bit of Planet Hulk.

captmrvl.jpgCaptain Marvel #1
Brian Reed & Lee Weeks

In this Secret Invasion lead-in, we finally get some follow-up on January’s controversial Civil War: The Return oneshot that brought us the return of the original Captain Mar-Vell through Wolfman-inspired time fuckery. This has a very strong creative team attached, and a cool man-out-of-time premise, and its status as a miniseries holds out hope that this won’t fuck with the legacy of Mar-Vell’s seminal death story too much. Marvel is going for an interesting artistic approach here by using their usual “gritty” art stylists (Lee Weeks and ever-street-level inker Stefano Gaudiano) on a high-level cosmic book with bright Jason Keith colors. Looks very cool.

thor4copiel.jpgThor #4
J. Michael Straczynski & Olivier Coipel

This issue: Thor stops the conflict in Darfur. What the hell is next? Curing cancer in #5 and using his hammer to reverse global warming in #6? Where is JMS going with this?

wwh5finch.jpgWorld War Hulk #5
Greg Pak & John Romita Jr.

The Hulk vs. Sentry slugfest we all knew was coming. Pak has done an excellent job with keeping this crossover walking the line between being too heady and too punchy, so I expect this to continue in the concluding chapter. Marvel is likely to clean up on this saleswise.

517684927_0f1b1b08ab.jpgScott Pilgrim Vol. 4
Bryan Lee O’Malley

This should need little introduction — you either like O’Malley’s videogame-culture-inspired indie geek romance or you don’t. For those in the former category, the rather lengthy wait for this fourth (and, according to O’Malley, longest) volume is over come this Wednesday.


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