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Jun 3

Batman and Robin #1 – “Batman Reborn Part 1: Domino Effect”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman and Robin #1 And we’re back after those messages! Finally, the main narrative line of the Batman books returns with Grant Morrison at the wheel aided by the ever-incredible Frank Quitely. And, in an all-new team-up, Alex Sinclair on colors, which leads to such interesting effects as the sky behind Wayne Tower looking like […]

May 19

FBBP #99 – Three Number Ones

Posted by Chris Eckert

Just one episode until the momentous Episode 100! This week we take a look at three first issues fresh off the rack: Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #1 by Ivan Brandon & Marco Rudi Astro City: The Dark Age: Book Three #1 by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson Unwritten #1 by Mike Carey & Peter Gross […]

Apr 29

Waited for the Trade(s): Scalped Revisited

Posted by Pedro Tejeda

Scalped vol 1: Indian Country Scalped vol 2: Casino Boogie Scalped vol 3: Dead Mothers written by Jason Aaron art by R.M. Guera, John Paul Leon & Davide Furno Vertigo When we reviewed the first volume of Scalped, the story of Dashiell Bad Horse, an undercover FBI agent on an Indian Reservation full of corruption, no […]

Apr 8

Building versus Writing: Geoff Johns, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen and the Rebirth

Posted by David Uzumeri

Flash: Rebirth #1 I was pretty optimistic when I picked up Flash: Rebirth #1 out of the stack. It’s a hefty volume, and I’ve enjoyed almost everything Johns has done since the epic career misstep that was Infinite Crisis, so my expectations were pretty much that I’d at least thoroughly enjoy it – I mean, […]

Feb 13

Waited for the Trade: Eternals – To Slay a God

Posted by Matt Jett

Eternals: To Slay a God Collects: Eternals #1-6 and Annual Writers: Charles Knauf, Daniel Knauf, Fred Van Lente, Jack Kirby Artists: Daniel Acuna, Pascal Alixe, Jack Kirby Marvel Comics Only slightly delayed due to NYCC! The works of Jack Kirby are among the most influential ever produced in the comic book industry. He created characters […]

Jan 30

Waited for the Trade – Doubleshot!

Posted by Matt Jett

Huntress: Year One collects Huntress: Year One #1-6 written by Ivory Madison art by Cliff Richards DC Comics DC’s Year One concept has become something of an institution lately, with everyone from Metamorpho to Two-Face to Green Arrow getting miniseries under its banner, complete with a “Year One” logo. Each series fleshes out the character’s […]

Jan 28

Final Crisis #7 – “New Heaven, New Earth”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Final Crisis #7 Not much preamble to make here – it’s the last issue, I enjoyed it a lot, a lot of people probably think it’s confusing drivel. Maybe I can help you out.

Jan 24

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond – Annotations Epilogue: Mandrakk: A Brief History

Posted by David Uzumeri

For me Final Crisis, is about the type of guilt-ridden, self-loathing stories we insist on telling ourselves and, especially, our children—about the damage those stories do and about the good they could do if we took more responsibility for the power and influence of our words. – Grant Morrison Before we move on to #7 […]

Jan 23

Waited for the Trade: Spider-Man – New Ways to Die

Posted by Matt Jett

Spider-Man: New Ways to Die collects Amazing Spider-Man #568-573 written by Dan Slott & Mark Waid art by John Romita Jr. & Adi Granov Marvel Comics Fair warning: This review contains some spoilers, but nothing that will really ruin your enjoyment of the story. Be forewarned. I’m in love with Harry Osborn. Not the Harry […]

Jan 21

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2

Posted by David Uzumeri

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2 When last we left our intrepid heroes back at the end of August(!), Superman and Captain Allen Adam were facing down Ultraman in Limbo as Ultraman hoisted the Infinite Book and Mandrakk’s Monitor nanomachinery cracked through the sky into Limbo. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel got knocked back to being Billy by […]

Jan 16

Waited for the Trade: X-Force v1 – Angels and Demons

Posted by Matt Jett

Spinning out of the events of Messiah Complex, X-Force follows a “black ops” team of X-Men, tasked with missions other mutant superheroes would find morally compromising. These missions invariably end up being incredibly violent, as X-Force is the sort of superhero team that doesn’t stick to the standard “no killing” type of heroics. The philosophy […]

Jan 14

Final Crisis #6 – “How to Murder the Earth”

Posted by David Uzumeri

They used the title! Yay! Final Crisis #6 Reaction to this issue:

Dec 24

Batman #683 – “What the Butler Saw”

Posted by David Uzumeri

And thus, we end Grant Morrison’s first run on Batman. You’ll be missed. Lots to annotate this time around; lots of stuff referenced that’s more within our lifetimes. Let’s get to it.

Dec 10

Final Crisis #5 – “Into Oblivion”

Posted by David Uzumeri

I think this is was my favorite issue of the series yet, although I can’t imagine the girl-wonder crowd is going to react very favorably to… certain developments with Mary Marvel. Despite the fact that the issue has three pencillers with the addition of Marco Rudy, also known as “the guy who filled in for […]

Dec 4

Batman #682 – “The Butler Did It” (A Final Crisis Tie-In) (A Last Rites Tie-In)

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman #682 Double crossover banners, bitches! THIS ISSUE IS IMPORTANT! And the title of this post isn’t even a spoiler, I ain’t doin’ my victory dance just yet. Note time. Also, this issue? Less straightforward than the last two. But first, a note. If you’ve dug Grant Morrison’s run on this title, and the sort […]