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Dec 10

Final Crisis #5 – “Into Oblivion”

Posted by David Uzumeri

I think this is was my favorite issue of the series yet, although I can’t imagine the girl-wonder crowd is going to react very favorably to… certain developments with Mary Marvel. Despite the fact that the issue has three pencillers with the addition of Marco Rudy, also known as “the guy who filled in for […]

Dec 4

Batman #682 – “The Butler Did It” (A Final Crisis Tie-In) (A Last Rites Tie-In)

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman #682 Double crossover banners, bitches! THIS ISSUE IS IMPORTANT! And the title of this post isn’t even a spoiler, I ain’t doin’ my victory dance just yet. Note time. Also, this issue? Less straightforward than the last two. But first, a note. If you’ve dug Grant Morrison’s run on this title, and the sort […]

Nov 26

Batman #681 – “Batman R.I.P. Part 6: Hearts in Darkness”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman #681 Yeah, yeah, I know I have shitty reactions sometimes. Full-on notes below the jump, although this issue is way more straightforward than normal.

Oct 22

Final Crisis #4 – “Darkseid Says”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Quick Comments before the rundown: 1. Grant Morrison absolutely needs to take over Green Arrow/Black Canary, as all of his scenes with both of these characters throughout this series have been fantastic, especially any time Ollie even approaches a rant. 2. Make sure, if you got it, to read Submit before, not after, this issue. […]

Oct 2

Batman #680 – “Batman R.I.P. Part 5: The Thin White Duke of Death”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman #680 I dunno what kind of overview to give here other than “holy shit, this issue was incredible.” So holy shit, this issue was incredible. Annotations below, and Tim Callahan‘s got his take up on his site as well.

Aug 28

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1

Posted by David Uzumeri

Hh. Spoilers within. This is actually the first thirty pages of a sixty-page script; I imagine Morrison still did a bit of work to modify it, though, since it ends on a pretty satisfying cliffhanger (if that makes any sense). I assume the second issue won’t hit until at least December, either along with or […]

Aug 14

Batman #679 – “Batman R.I.P. Part 4: Miracle on Crime Alley”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Oh hell yeah. This issue was incredible. Batman #679 Page 1: Batman’s fully enveloped himself in his new persona. Note his weapon, the baseball bat, making him a literal bat-man. (I can’t believe I had to have this pointed out to me.) Pages 2-3: The tailor doesn’t seem to be Paul Gambi, the Crime Tailor. […]

Jul 9

The Morrison Batman Notes Part 3 – From Here We Go Sublime

Posted by David Uzumeri

Part one Part two Part three is HERE: Batman #676 Batman #676 – “Batman R.I.P. Part 1: Midnight in the House of Hurt” (art: Tony Daniel, Sandu Florea & Guy Major) Page 1: We shoot forward in time for a page. The background, with red skies and lightning, fairly definitely dates this page as being […]

Jul 8

The Morrison Batman Notes Part 2 – The (Aunt) Agatha Christie Period

Posted by David Uzumeri

Going forward with part two! Don’t forget to read yesterday’s part one as well. Batman #667 Batman #667 – “The Island of Mister Mayhew” (art: J.H. Williams III & Dave Stewart) NOTE: Rather than recapitulate it here, I’d just like to point everyone towards J.H. Williams III’s commentary on the Club of Heroes and the […]

Jul 7

The Morrison Batman Notes Part 1 – This Is Your Brain On Drugs

Posted by David Uzumeri

I’m seeing a whole hell of a lot of confusion about Batman R.I.P. out there, which is perfectly understandable – it’s a pretty damn opaque story, even more so than Final Crisis. In the interest of art appreciation, I’ve decided to try to go through Morrison’s recent Batman work and see if I can help […]