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May 11

Azzarello and Chiang’s Excellent Adventure

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

I loved everything about the first few issues of Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman. When Chiang was briefly rotated off the title, my love dimmed, even though Akins is a more than capable artist. Chiang returned to the series for the seventh issue, but I fear that it’s too late. My love has faded.

Jul 26

Batman and Robin #13 – “Batman and Robin Must Die! Part 1: The Garden of Death”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman and Robin continues, beginning the “Batman and Robin Must Die!” arc, which Morrison has stated is “R.I.P. as farce.” Each issue is named after a classic gothic painting; this one is “The Garden of Death” by Hugo Simberg, pictured above. Many shots and events in this book are deliberate evocations of events in “R.I.P.”, […]

May 17

Batmannotations: Batman and Robin #10-12 – “Batman vs. Robin”

Posted by David Uzumeri

For those of you who missed it, I already annotated Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #1 over at Comics Alliance. You’ll continue to find those annotations there, while Batman and Robin will remain here. It’s been a while and there’ s a lot to talk about, so let’s get into it.

Mar 15

Batman and Robin #s 8 and 9 – “Blackest Knight” Parts 2 and 3: “Batman vs. Batman” and “Broken”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman and Robin #8 Batman and Robin #9 After the extensive infodump of last issue, these two issues are FAR more streamlined as we ramp up to “Batman vs. Batman” and the return of Bruce Wayne. In this installment: The Bug Black Voice of Gotham City! The Bible of Crime! And… Batwoman! Come back soon […]

Jan 28

Batman and Robin #6 and #7

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman and Robin #6 Batman and Robin #7 The #6 annotations are so late partly because the issue seemed rather sparse to me and partly because Gavok over at 4thletter! just completely demolished the landscape of any of my commentary, so what’s below regarding that issue is heavily indebted to his realization about the nature […]

Jan 15

Final Crisis Annotations Epilogue: The Hardcover

Posted by David Uzumeri

Yeah, this is incredibly anal, but after the ridiculous amount of time I spent studying this book, I’d be remiss not to cap this off with a look at the collected edition. But first, since I don’t think I’ve ever linked them at once like this: here are all of the original annotations/articles I wrote […]

Jan 3

Bruce Wayne: A Man of Wealth and Taste (Batmannotations Gaiden)

Posted by David Uzumeri

What if there were an ultimate villain out there, unseen? An absolute mastermind, closing in for the kill? What if there existed an invisible, implacable foe who’d calculated my every weakness? Who had access to allies, weapons and tactics I couldn’t imagine. An adversary whose plots and grand designs were so vast, so elaborate, that […]

Oct 7

Batman and Robin #5 – “Revenge of the Red Hood Part Two: Scarlet”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman and Robin #5 As suspected by a few people in last month’s comment thread, the Red Hood is in fact the obvious option, Jason Todd. So that entire mystery’s away from us, although the domino killer and Man-On-Gargoyle are still milling around, not to mention Oberon Sexton. Philip Tan’s art in this issue is […]

Sep 22

Pull List Reviews for September 16th

Posted by Pedro Tejeda

Dark Reign: The List – Daredevil by Andy Diggle & Billy Tan Bad art can ruin even the best of stories, but lesser known is its ability to obscure mediocre writing. Billy Tan’s art in this issue is bad: it’s static during action sequences featuring ninjas, masked superhero gymnastics and government agents rappelling from the […]

Sep 18

Jamaal Reviews Amazing Spider-Man #604

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

Amazing Spider-Man #604 “Red-Headed Stranger pt. 3: The Ancient Gallery” by Fred Van Lente & Barry Kitson I’m one of those fans who opposed the One More Day storyline because I think that characters should always be allowed to develop and grow. In the great conflict between those who view mainstream superhero comics as a […]

Sep 18

David Reviews The Shield #1

Posted by David Uzumeri

The Shield #1 “Kicking Down the Door pt. 1” by Eric Trautmann & Marco Rudy “Burning Inside pt. 1” by Brandon Jerwa & Greg Scott The first thing that struck me about this was how much it differed – in a good way – from J. Michael Straczynski’s lead-in that capped off his Red Circle […]

Sep 18

Pedro Reviews Models, Inc. #1

Posted by Pedro Tejeda

Models, Inc. #1 “Models, Inc. pt1” by Paul Tobin & Vicenc Villagrasa “Loaded Gunn” by Marc Sumerak & Jorge Molina Reality television has probably taught me more about modeling and fashion than any other source. Maybe it’s this skewed vision that makes Models, Inc. feel like such a throwback to times past. I feel like […]

Sep 16

Batman and Robin #4 – “Revenge of the Red Hood Part One: Red Right Hand”

Posted by David Uzumeri

Batman and Robin #4 Again, a link to what’s come before. The immediate interpretation of the issue title is the Nick Cave song of the same name, but its use within the issue makes it pretty clear that while that may have been an inspirational source, the context in which it’s used in the issue […]

Sep 15

Batmannotation Catch-Up: Batman and Robin #2-3

Posted by David Uzumeri

First off, a link to what’s come before. With #4 hitting this Wednesday, I figured it was high time to get back into the game and take a look at the latest two issues of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s Batman and Robin. I just reread Morrison’s entire Batman run to refresh my memory, so […]

Jul 27

Working Through the Pile: Pedro’s MoCCA Haul

Posted by Pedro Tejeda

One of the things left off of our MoCCA podcast was the amazing amount of material we purchased at the show. Isn’t that the point of MoCCA: to discover new books and get the hotness everyone keeps talking about? If I don’t walk away with less money in my pocket and a pile of books […]