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Oct 28

Pull List Analysis for October 29, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #3 by Brian Michael Bendis & David Lafuente (Marvel Comics): There comes a time in every young superhero’s life when someone decides to do an issue about their sex life. These “very special” issues have come with a range of tasteful comments from the creators: I understand that teenage sexuality is a […]

Oct 22

Pull List Analysis for October 22, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

It’s a big week for known quantities at Marvel and DC, as their respective Summer Blockbusters stretch into sweaterweather. After last week’s Rogues’ Revenge and Legion of Three Worlds tie-ins, the fourth issue of the core Final Crisis title by Grant Morrison and JG Jones (and Carlo Pacheco, and Doug Mahnke… what up’s, Jonesy?) drops, […]

Oct 14

Pull List Analysis for October 15, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Going to try to skip past the obvious “big books” this week — if you’re following Astonishing X-Men, Final Crisis tie-ins or Amazing Spider-Man I bet you’ll notice the big stacks of them at your local shop tomorrow. Here are some things that might not be so well-stocked: Are you excited for Halloween? Publishers sure […]

Sep 30

Pull List Analysis for October 1, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

I figured we might try doing these again. Here are some potentially interesting books hitting the shelves tomorrow!

Jun 12

Pull List Analysis & Reviews for June 11, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Hey, lots of things happened (Memorial Day, Travel for a Wedding, MOCCA) that conspired against a Pull List last week. I trust everyone got to the store okay anyway. This week I am late enough that I actually got to the store before posting this, so reviews will be intermixed! A friendly reminder to Those […]

Jun 11

Salvation Run and Gotham Underground: Letters from the Edge of Failure

Posted by David Uzumeri

Today saw the end of the DCU-villains-are-mysteriously missing plot line that has been running since around the quarter mark of Countdown. Both of these stories were promised as major status quo modifications for the cadre of villains that DC has, of late, become increasingly enamored with. Both of these stories were, supposedly, born out of […]

May 28

Pull List Analysis for May 28, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Hey, we’re coming off a holiday weekend so Americans aren’t getting their comics until Thursday. In protest, I’m making this barebones and image-free! David U, up in the Glorious Canadian Empire should be getting all this stuff today. Look out for a dissection of Final Crisis a little after lunch, or possibly earlier if David […]

May 21

Pull List Analysis for May 21, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

These pull lists always take more time than I expect; a week like this looks relatively light, but by the time I type up a blurb for everything and hopefully digressing within tolerable limits, it always looks like an imposing wall of text to describe what’s coming out this Wednesday. Hopefully these help at least […]

May 16

“Last Son” – A Sentimental Journey

Posted by Chris Eckert

A little over two years ago, DC launched their “One Year Later” revamp/relaunch, with a year-long weekly series 52 as its centerpiece. Layout artist Keith Giffen described the book’s appeal to fans: I call [it] the NASCAR book, because nobody goes to a NASCAR race to watch the cars go around in circles. You go […]

May 7

Pull List Analysis for May 7, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Welcome to May 2008, gang! There’s quite a bit of neat looking stuff coming out, but obviously the event of the week (perhaps the fortnig– month– dare I say the entire 3Q FY2008?) is the long-awaited release of Geoff Johns, Richard Donner & One of the Kubert Brothers’s “Last Son” storyline, announced at SDCC 2006, […]

May 7

Crisis Deconstruction Alpha: Code 1011

Posted by David Uzumeri

The first lettered preview of Final Crisis is up at Entertainment Weekly, which clearly has had a new editor promoted who’s a comics nerd, considering the recent coverage of Secret Invasion, Spider-Man: New Ways to Die and now this. It’s five pages, from the middle of the comic – it’s known the book starts off […]

Apr 30

Pull List Analysis/Reviews for April 30, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Hey everybody, Free Comic Book Day is nigh, but if you want to pay for your comics, here’s what to expect on the shelves this week! (This got delayed a bit by technical difficulties, so it’s now a combination of analysis and review!) A lot of books one or more of us approve are out: […]

Apr 22

Pull List Analysis for April 23, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Hey fellows, no Pull List Analysis last week; we were busy getting things together for the con, and nothing incredibly exciting was coming out. Tomorrow isn’t the biggest release date in the world either, but there’s some interesting things. Warning: this is really long because I digressed into complaints about some trade policies. Just skip […]

Apr 9

Pull List Analysis for April 9, 2008

Posted by Chris Eckert

Hey there, I know we haven’t been doing Pull List Analysis lately. I guess David wanted to shift over to doing actual reviews. But I like the idea of looking over the coming week’s comics and taking a look at what’s coming up. I’m kind of out of the weekly loop lately, so if I’ve […]

Feb 13

Pull List Reviews for February 13, 2008

Posted by David Uzumeri

Alright, the first three are above the fold but there’s a huuuuuge dump of reviews here so most of them are after the jump. Enjoy! Booster Gold #0: Something about the dialogue seemed clunkier in this issue, but that very well may have been a knowing nod back to Zero Hour. That said, it was […]