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May 4

FBBP Slimcast #1 – Joseph & Jamaal talk Black Widow

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

In an effort to present more unsolicited opinions on comics, Funnybook Babylon proudly presents THE SLIMCAST: shorter shows featuring our regular panel and guests briefly discussing the issues of the day. The stars have not been aligning for our traditional full-crew sprawling podcasts in recent weeks, but rest assured they will return soon.

Mar 27

FBBP #124 – Greek Street & Unwritten

Posted by Chris Eckert

Funnybook Babylon has notice a trend: first issues from Vertigo are often given lukewarm or negative reviews, but once the series develops, we change our tune. It happened with Air, it happened with Young Liars (at least for some of us), and as we’ve previously panned the first issues of Greek Street (Episode 107) and […]

Feb 26

FBBP #123 – DC Editorial Shake-ups, Event Fatigue & iPad Prognostications

Posted by Chris Eckert

Just what it says on the tin: this episode, we put on our Speculation Stocking Caps and wonder aloud what the new DC Entertainment Executive Team announcement portends for the humble funnybook reader, and then add a pair of Wild Guess Earmuffs to the ensemble and wonder how we might one day read their output […]

Jan 27

FBBP #122 – 2009 in Review

Posted by Chris Eckert

In our first podcast of 2010, FBB looks back in love, not in anger at 2009. For regular listeners, our favorite books are

Dec 27

FBBP #121 – Luke Cage Noir

Posted by Chris Eckert

The holidays were hectic around FBB Headquarters, as you may have inferred from our posting schedule. But we managed to record one last podcast for 2009 that takes a look at Luke Cage Noir, the latest in Marvel’s dusky crime-inspired Elseworlds series. We also tackle a frequently asked question regarding a beloved creator-owned series and […]

Nov 22

FBBP #120 – Love & Shame

Posted by Chris Eckert

This episode, we discuss changes over at the Comics Journal and what that means for the blogosphere, plus answer your questions about love, shame, professional wrestling and enabling habits! If you have questions or topics you’d like to see addressed in future podcasts, write us at editors AT funnybookbabylon DOT com, or take advantage of […]

Nov 12

FBBP #119 – Hellblazin’ Milligan

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

This episode, we take a look at Peter Milligan’s recently started run on Hellblazer, as one of the original British Invasion writers becomes the latest in his gang to tackle one of the longest running monthly American comic books in print. Does Milligan still have “it”? Does John Constantine? Are they both self-sabotaging, self-destructive British […]

Nov 5

FBBP #118 – We Like Comics

Posted by Chris Eckert

Sometimes our tough love strikes listeners as a little too tough. We’re sensitive to concerns about our negativity — and our tendency to ramble on — and so here we have a brief conversation where each of us describe a recent comic we’ve genuinely enjoyed. Want to be spoiled? Our picks lie below!

Nov 2

FBBP #117 – The Umbrella Academy

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

Rock ‘n’ Roll and Superhero Comics are two uniquely American creations of the twentieth century, and they share many traits — a patchwork Genesis story, arguments about who was really first, youthful rebellion, corporate co-option, a “British Invasion” coming along and showing up their American rivals, a decades-long struggle to be taken “seriously”.

Oct 13

FBBP #116 – Planetary Post-Mortem

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

The Planetary retrospective rolls on with a podcast dissection of the series. WHERE IS THE FOURTH MAN? Sorry Jamaalamanaics, he was busy this weekend. But he’ll be back later this week in our Umbrella Academy review from the archives! Also, if you haven’t already checked it out, our Planetary Timeline has been updated with corrected […]

Oct 8

FBBP #115 – Deadpool for President

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

For nearly twenty years, Deadpool has been a cult favorite Marvel character, beloved on the Internet for his scan-ready quips and pop culture references. But lately — whether it’s because his increased presence in movies and video games, change in market demographics, or just some sort of Yellow Word Balloon Zeitgeist — he’s a bonafide […]

Sep 29

FBBP #114 – Martha Shrugged

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

This month, Dark Horse Comics released The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century, a behemoth six hundred page hardcover so balling only Pedro could fathom purchasing it. So instead, we just read 1990’s Give Me Liberty, the four issue series that introduced Martha. This was one of the first projects Miller […]

Sep 23

FBBP #113 – The Trouble with Norman

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

With Dark Reign entering a new phase with the release of the first Dark Reign: The List one-shots, the gang looks at Marvel’s recent experiments with telling One Big Story, from Civil War to today. Of special interest in Norman Osborn: is he the Green Goblin, Super-Cheney, or the second coming of Hitler? Marvel’s stable […]

Sep 15

FBBP #112 – Young Liars: The Final Chapter

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

As promised at the end of episode 111, we present a contentious look back at David Lapham’s Young Liars, a frequent podcast topic. In the end, did anyone change their mind? Were any of us Spiders? We may never know!

Sep 10

FBBP #111 – Strange Tales of Corporate Acquisitions

Posted by Chris Eckert

This week’s recording session unexpectedly expanded out to two podcasts, as we discuss the blockbuster announcement of Disney purchasing Marvel! Will Pluto join the Pet Avengers? Will Goofy be denied the same privilege? Will Punisher be forced to practice “Hanuka Matata”? Or will this just be another corporate merger that involves using the word “synergy” […]