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Oct 15

NYCC Has A Cold: A Look At NYCC 2012 From Afar

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

New York Comic Con. This is the first year that I’ve missed the Con since we started Funnybook Babylon about five years ago. I’ve always found a way to enjoy NYCC, despite the overwhelming crowds and inane panels, but the tension between my preferences for a comic/pop culture convention and the reality of NYCC became […]

Sep 8

The Weirdest NYCC Event I’ve Seen: “A Date With Marvel”

Posted by Chris Eckert

The 2011 New York City Comicon is fast approaching, as the near-daily press releases remind us. Buried underneath today’s announcement of some sort of kick-off concert was a strange event anouncement: We’ve setup a nine course meal with wine pairing at wd~50, owned by Wylie Dufresne, a Michelin star winner and molecular gastronomy chef. If […]

Oct 19

Huggabroomstik live on Tuesday 10/20!

Posted by Joseph Mastantuono

If you’re in New York City and you like the music you’ve heard on our podcast you should go see the band that provided us with our music. They’re performing this Tuesday at the Sidewalk Cafe at 11pm. If you would like a primer before you check them out, listen to this musical retrospective and […]

Aug 28

Liveblogging Toronto Fan Expo 2009!

Posted by David Uzumeri

The title speaks for itself. I’m here, and I’m going to be trying my hand at Newsrama/CBR-style liveblogging of all of the Big Two’s panels I can make it to. Wish me luck! DC Editorial Presentation

Jul 26

SDCC Day 2: 2008 Eisner Award Winners!

Posted by Chris Eckert

Thanks to the wonders of the Web 2.0 Crowdsourcing Social Networking Personality Spam Zeitgeist, FBB is getting Eisner Awards results as they happen thanks to Matt Fraction’s iPhone! And we’re passing the savings onto you! I am going to go out on a limb and guess that every link in this information chain has been […]

Apr 24

FBB Events – G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker at NYU

Posted by Pedro Tejeda

Ever since I started grad school, I haven’t been able to go to many events in the city. But with school out this week, I had some spare time and noticed a posting on G. Willow Wilson’s blog about a talk she was giving and decided to check it out. I’m glad I did, because […]