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May 10

Five Years Later: The Oral History of Countdown to Final Crisis

Posted by Chris Eckert

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Countdown #51. Hopefully everyone honored the anniversary in the same way as its creators: by trying to forget that Countdown ever existed. Indeed, what can be said about Countdown that has not already been said about the Vietnam War? It was a quagmire, an unwinnable war of attrition that […]

May 10

With Two Left Feet, It’s Hard To Walk The Straight Path

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

I. Everybody Talking About Changing the World, the World Ain’t Never Gonna Change In the summer of 2011, I came up with a plan. I would collaborate with Chris Eckert on a post previewing DC’s relaunch of its line of superhero comics, and write a series of brief posts in subsequent months that would discuss […]

Apr 30

5-10-15-20: Comic Book History for April 2012

Posted by Chris Eckert

It’s the end of the month, so you know what time it is: 5-10-15-20 time! No one guessed the really dumb research question from last month: I read over two dozen black and white issues of Luke Cage looking for the first recorded instance of “Sweet Christmas!” That means no one gets the Luke Cage […]

Apr 18

Frank Miller and the Fairy Tale History of Comics

Posted by Chris Eckert

This past weekend David Brothers brought up Frank Miller’s big 1994 speech from a Diamond Retailers seminar that got reprinted in the back of Sin City: The Big Fat Kill #5. He wrote something about it too. It’s a powerful speech, and dismaying at how much of the speech could easily be cross-applied to the […]

Mar 31

5-10-15-20: Comic Book History for March 2012

Posted by Chris Eckert

Welcome back to 5-10-15-20, a monthly column that looks at things that happened in comics using arbitrary five year jumps! I realize this is being published in April. I had finished the post a week or so ago, but got caught up researching something really dumb and forgot I hadn’t posted this until today, when […]

Mar 16

New 52 Brand Management Musings, or what happens when the cat wakes up.

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

Six months after DC’s historic line wide relaunch, it’s become clear that the artists have taken over. The four best books from the first wave — Wonder Woman, Flash, Batman and Animal Man — all have talented writers, but with all due respect to Messrs. Azzarello, Lemire and Snyder, the art is the primary appeal. […]

Feb 21

5-10-15-20: Comic Book History for February 2012

Posted by Chris Eckert

In the interest of making everyone feel old, inspired by Scientific American, and because I spend too much time digging through old comic book material anyway, here’s what will hopefully be a new monthly feature: 5-10-15-20, a look back at goings-on in the funnybook field in half-decade increments. Yesterday should’ve been the fiftieth birthday of […]

Jan 9

An Aperitif

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

I’ve been meaning to write about comics for about two months, but life got in the way. Family, work, holidays… you know the spiel. I haven’t stopped reading comics (as evidenced by my Twitter feed), but between the controversies about salaries and work conditions at Marvel Comics, the Kirby (and Ghost Rider) litigations, diversity in […]

Oct 24

New York Comic Con 2011: No Fear, No Loathing, Just A Pleasant Experience

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

Another New York Comic Con has come and gone… The FBB crew ran wild during the annual pop culture festival that reminds us that we have the best and the worst hobby in the world. We drank, ate, schmoozed with creators and held our annual FBB/4L reunion sans David “Benedict Arnold” Brothers. We also drank. […]

Oct 21

Girl Talk in Context: The Ultimates Problem

Posted by Chris Eckert

Looking across the sometimes bleak landscape of Women in Superhero Comics, it’s easy to get dispirited. Whether’s it’s inequity in representation — be it in the stories or on the credits page — there’s still plenty of ground to make up before things are acceptable. And even when female characters are pushed to the fore, […]

Aug 26

The Flashpoint Death Toll: Remembering the Fallen

Posted by Chris Eckert

Everybody’s talking about THE NEW 52, which must be exciting for everyone working on those books at DC Comics. Unfortunately, they’ve spent the past few months still publishing THE OLD 50-SOMETHING, which seem to have largely been forgotten by all parties. It’s not surprising, given the fact that most of them are last-gasp inventory stories […]

Jul 30

Avenging the Week – SDCC Leftovers

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

With the flood of news last week from San Diego, its inevitable that some things will escape notice. Here are two overlooked picks from the San Diego Comic Con, along with some other ephemera. At DC’s Vertigo panel, Derek McCulloch announced Gone to Amerikay, an original graphic novel about Irish immigration to the United States […]

Jul 19

DC: The New 52

Posted by Chris Eckert

2011 will be a crucial year for DC Comics. In September, DC will relaunch its entire line of superhero books in a bid to expand its audience while holding on to the core of loyal readers. Over the coming months, we’ll see if DC has mastered the delicate art of pleasing everyone – the readers […]

Mar 8

Retro Linkblogging: The Comic Reader #157 and #168

Posted by Chris Eckert

Here’s the latest news from over thirty years ago!

Feb 6

The Adventures of Ronald Reagan, American’s Comic Bookiest President

Posted by Chris Eckert

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Wilson Reagan, America’s first Movie Star President, and our fortieth Commander-in-Chief overall. Befitting his celebrity status, Reagan was all over the comic pages. I’m not talking about political cartoons, MAD Magazine send-ups, or his frequent appearances in Doonesbury and Bloom County. I’m talking about bonafide […]