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May 10

Five Years Later: The Oral History of Countdown to Final Crisis

Posted by Chris Eckert

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Countdown #51. Hopefully everyone honored the anniversary in the same way as its creators: by trying to forget that Countdown ever existed. Indeed, what can be said about Countdown that has not already been said about the Vietnam War? It was a quagmire, an unwinnable war of attrition that […]

Aug 8

Downcounting Backwards: Overman

Posted by Chris Eckert

At some point Downcounting became too much of a chore to bear; it was a struggle to write something more cogent than variants on, “NO REALLY, WHAT IS ANYONE INVOLVED WITH THE PRODUCTION OF THIS BOOK THINKING?” Once it became obvious that Countdown to Final Crisis and its related titles weren’t really counting down to […]

Mar 26

FBBP #50 – Featuring the Peerless Power of David Brothers

Posted by Funnybook Babylon

This week features blogalaxy surfing zen master David Brothers as we talk about Pedro’s attempts at sub-super villainy, review Cap, Iron Man, Death of the New Gods, Incredible Herc, and War is Hell. We even talk about he who should not be named who is spoiling books for Tom Spurgeon. It’s our 50th show, so […]

Feb 27

Downcounting – A Guide for the Perplexed: Gutting It Out pt. 2 – Jimmy Olsen

Posted by Chris Eckert

I’m only delaying the inevitable, putting off the Multiversal stuff. It was the focus of these past couple of months, very much to the expense of some of these other stories. But hey, now they’re all hurtling towards their epic conclusion of shit going down, so let’s check in on everyone’s favorite thirty year old […]

Feb 26

Downcounting – A Guide for the Perplexed: Gutting It Out pt. 1 – The Pied Piper

Posted by Chris Eckert

Maaaan, Countdown. I know it’s been forever. I know that there are only nine issues left, and shit is about to go down, I suppose some people might want to know what has happened in the past eleven issues. Half the cast blew up and died, and the other half are all on Apokalips for […]

Jan 6

Downcounting: A Guide for the Perplexed: OMNIBUS EDITION! (Part 3)

Posted by Chris Eckert

Jeez o Pete, just call me a Writer from Television and Film Writing a Funnybook, because I have been LATE. Work was hellish for a couple of months, and I prompted came down with some sort of ebola/OMAC virus the moment I had time off for the holidays. But that’s no excuse! Every day that […]

Dec 12

Downcounting: A Guide for the Perplexed: OMNIBUS EDITION! (Part 2)

Posted by Chris Eckert

You read six Countdowns And what do you get? Another stress headache And a burning regret Last time in Downcounting, we learned: 1. That Super___ Prime gets all swoll after Sinestro Corps War and is back to being a clumsily written mockery of the “Comic Book Guy” who thinks things need to be “like they […]

Dec 8

Downcounting: A Guide for the Perplexed: OMNIBUS EDITION! (Part 1)

Posted by Chris Eckert

Hola, amigos. How’s your narrative spine? I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but it’s hit the busy season at my job, plus as you’ve all probably noticed, it’s been an eventful six weeks! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, inclement weather, Pakistani martial law, writers’ strikes, Wu-Tang beefin’, Chavez referendin’: you […]

Dec 3

Downcounting Presents: APOLOGY FOR LATENESS!

Posted by Chris Eckert

So much has happened in the past month — lucky for you, the plot developments in Countdown continue to move at a pace that puts DMV employees in dumb stand-up comedy jokes to shame! I seem to have been caught up in that (or possibly my job), but I assure you, more Downcounting is imminent! […]

Oct 27

Downcounting Presents: Batman & the Downcounters: Four of a Kind: 3 of 4 (#28, “And Now, Forager!”)

Posted by Chris Eckert

Still on the fast boat to the HALFWAY POINT of this epic Countdown! Stuff is really going to heat up soon, I just know it! I mean, they’re getting around to naming characters they introduced ten issues ago, you know shit is ON! 28 AND COUNTING… “NOW, FORAGER!” pp. 1-4 True to their word… now, […]

Oct 26

Downcounting Presents: Batman & the Downcounters: Four of a Kind: 2 of 4 (#29, “Another Country Heard From”)

Posted by Chris Eckert

29 AND COUNTING… No time for fancy intros and outros, I have been told we are hurtling towards the HALFWAY POINT of the series, and so things will start happening at a breakneck speed! Let’s go!

Oct 24

Downcounting Presents: Batman & the Downcounters: Four of a Kind: 1 of 4 (#30, “Family Feud”)

Posted by Chris Eckert

NOTE: DUE TO UNFORSEEN DELAYS, THE FINALE OF ‘UPCATCHING’ WILL BE SEEN IN DOWNCOUNTING ANNUAL #1 LATER THIS YEAR. WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. We’ve been a little backlogged, so you haven’t been seeing much Downcounting. But things have righted themselves, and over the course of the next four days there will be daily […]

Oct 3

Downcounting Presents: Upcatching: A FBB Event in Three Parts (Book II: #31: “New Frontiers”)

Posted by Chris Eckert

Welcome to Book II of Upcatching. We only have three books worth of this so I can’t waste too much time — it’s not like this is a 51 part weekly series or anything! This installment of Downcounting covers Countdown #31, a doubly-inaccurate title as nobody visits Earth-21 (the New Frontier Universe, until someone decides […]

Sep 27

Downcounting Presents: Upcatching: A FBB Event in Three Parts (Book I: #32: “Girls Gone Wild”)

Posted by Chris Eckert

So much to do, so much to say… again, apologies for the delays, I hope no one got bored and bought these books instead of being patient. Welcome to UPCATCHING: A Funnybook Babylon Event in Three Parts!!! For this article, we’ll be catching up with issue 32 is titled “Girls Gone Wild”. Yeah, if they’re […]

Sep 18

Downcounting – A Guide for the Perplexed: #33, “Let’s Make a Deal”

Posted by Chris Eckert

So anyone looking at the August sales charts (shh — don’t tell Jamaal!) might notice that Countdown has experienced an unexpected sales bump. In an even more shocking twist, it turns out that it’s no sales bump — Countdown has been selling better than reported ALL ALONG! As discussed in the comments of Jamaal’s article, […]