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Feb 28

Avenging the Week: A Comeback?

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

[Originally posted on Between the Stations, where you can find more Jamaal-y goodness about pop culture. I typically post these linkblog posts on that site (check out weeks 0, 1 and 2), but decided to reblog this one here because of the comics-related commentary.] Another sleep deprived week with Jamie the Bean… This was supposed […]

Jul 30

Avenging the Week – SDCC Leftovers

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

With the flood of news last week from San Diego, its inevitable that some things will escape notice. Here are two overlooked picks from the San Diego Comic Con, along with some other ephemera. At DC’s Vertigo panel, Derek McCulloch announced Gone to Amerikay, an original graphic novel about Irish immigration to the United States […]

Jan 7

Avenging the Week – Succumbing to Peer Pressure

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

After a lengthy winter hiatus, Funnybook Babylon is back for 2011! Apologies for the unannounced break – a wedding, work responsibilities and the holiday season conspired to keep me away from regular blogging for the last two months. This week we’re going to embrace convention with part one of my randomly selected Cool Things in […]

Oct 2

Avenging the Week pt. 10 – The One Before the New York Comic Con

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

Daytripper, Hulk, and a tardy response to Shield critiques. As always, spoilers below.

Aug 25

Avenging the Week pt. 9 – Raised on Robbery

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

And we’re back, with looks at S.H.I.E.L.D., the new Power Man mini, and Thunderbolts. Plus: Brief Recommendations, Miscellany and Links of the Week! Spoilers abound!

Jul 25

Avenging the Week – San Diego Special

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

So, another San Diego Comic Con’s come and gone, filled with tantalizing news and previews of the comic books, films, television shows and videogames that we will all discuss during the coming year. I’m here to provide you with a guide to some of the more interesting announcements and previews buried in the four day […]

Jul 20

Avenging the Week, pt. 8 – Knowing When He’s Home

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

Welcome back to Avenging the Week. This is a short one, in which we briefly discuss Daytripper and take a look at tomorrow’s comics today. As always, spoilers below!

Jun 13

Avenging the Week, pt. 7 – Standing on Men’s Shoulders, or Locking Them in a Studio with a Mic

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

After a short sabbatical, I’m back with a brief look at the first issue of Thanos Imperative, the second issue of SHIELD, and the seventh issue of Daytripper. And links. Can’t forget the links. Spoiler Alert: I will be revealing plot details of all three books (particularly Daytripper).

May 25

Avenging the Week, pt 6 – The Chronic Break

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

This is going to be a very busy week for me in the real world, so this’ll be a light one. I hope that these links and random commentary will tide you over until next time. This week: Farel Dalrymple, the Roots, comics art, The Things We Should Be Discussing, links, and Tomorrow’s Pull List […]

May 18

Avenging the Week, pt. 5 – Back to the Trap

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

This week we briefly step back into the world of mainstream superhero comics with reviews of Dark Avengers and Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne. I also take a quick look at the recent Glyph Awards, and lay some links on you. Spoilers below.

May 7

Avenging the Week, Pt. 4 – Rookie Season

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

Fight to grow old Fight to be humble Fight to stay bold And then one day, fighting doesn’t make sense Spending time together’s just another expense I just want to love, but I ain’t been right How can I do us and can’t keep on the lights? This is my plight I don’t have a […]

Apr 25

Avenging the Week, pt. 3 – In Memory Of… Edition

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

In this trife life, there ain’t nobody you can trust Plus, there’s no justice, it’s just us In fact, watching your back, it be a must And each and every day around the way gats bust And jealous so-called friends will try to set you up, it’s called betrayal -Keith Elam, a/k/a/ GURU, Betrayal Loki […]

Apr 16

Avenging the Week, pt. 2 – How the World Ends

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

This week – Cooke shows us how it’s done, Hickman and Weaver keep us guessing, and MoCCA is predictably awesome. Note – Spoilers Below!

Apr 9

Avenging the Week, pt. 1 – The Origin Story

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

Do not imagine yourself a caretaker of any tradition, an enforcer of any party standards, a warrior in an ideological battle, a corrections officer of any kind. Never, never try to put the author “in his place,” making him a pawn in a contest with other reviewers. Review the book, not the reputation. Submit to […]