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Aug 12

Marvel’s Mutant Metaphor Massacre

Posted by Chris Eckert

So here’s something that comes up in Team Comics conversations every few months and I never get around to putting in writing: Mutantkind as a demographic group is a terrible analogue for any real world demographic group and people should probably stop doing it. I have no idea if Stan Lee or Jack Kirby had […]

Apr 24

The Punisher: A Conservative Fantasia Part One

Posted by Chris Eckert

I realize all of this is slightly premature since there is one more issue of The Punisher coming before Secret Wars kicks in, one that promises to address “what will happen to those Frank has left in his wake” so it’s possible that this issue will feature a repudiation of everything that has come so […]

Apr 1

The Buyers Guide to DC’s Convergence’s Battleworlds

Posted by Chris Eckert

So Convergence came out today, and it sets up a story that everyone is calling a rip-off of Marvel’s impending Secret Wars event. Obviously, both stories are callow rip-offs of Countdown: Arena, which itself was a crude homage to when I was a kid and had my Transformers fight my Star Wars toys and invade […]

Jan 13

Let Us Look Back at Wizard’s Twelve Sexiest Moments in Comics

Posted by Chris Eckert

It’s 2015, and Wizard: The Guide to Comics hasn’t been published in almost four years. But it’s been at least a decade since Wizard actually mattered. There are many comics readers out there who don’t remember when Wizard was an important industry organ, and may not even know what Wizard’s deal was. In short: it […]

Feb 28

Avenging the Week: A Comeback?

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

[Originally posted on Between the Stations, where you can find more Jamaal-y goodness about pop culture. I typically post these linkblog posts on that site (check out weeks 0, 1 and 2), but decided to reblog this one here because of the comics-related commentary.] Another sleep deprived week with Jamie the Bean… This was supposed […]

Oct 11

Why Don’t We Know More About Superhero Eating Habits?

Posted by Chris Eckert

I’ve been reading a lot of Incredible Hulk comics by Len Wein (with Herb Trimpe and Sal Buscema). I’ve been reading a lot of everything really; sitting by a sporadically ringing telephone has literally been my job description for the past nine months . At first I read books that glared at me from my mountainous […]

May 5

Funnybook Babylon: The Crossword Puzzle!

Posted by Chris Eckert

Forget podcasts: all the cool kids are doing crossword puzzles now! And unlike Wally, you don’t even have to have a near-death experience and find one in a gutter to be a cool kid!

Apr 4

Reading on the Job: I Have a Lot of Problems with Chuck Klosterman

Posted by Chris Eckert

If you follow my “personal” blog (and let’s be honest, you don’t) you may have noticed that my current work situation involves a grotesque amount of time to Read. This has been a pleasure, as the past few years have shown a marked decrease in actual, sit-down-and-read-something-cover-to-cover Reading. I still read a ton of comics, […]

Sep 30

5-10-15-20: Comic Book History for August 2012

Posted by Chris Eckert

Yes, this is terribly late. I spent the end of the summer consumed with two tasks: Packing, moving, and unpacking the truly excessive volume of books, comics, and ephemera I have accumulated (Mission Accomplished!) Thanks to all members of the FBB Army for helping me move, and even the people who have never appeared on […]

Sep 21

Who’s Going To Bring the Game Back?

Posted by Jamaal Thomas

About two years ago, David Brothers recommended Brandon Graham’s King City in a conversation and in a series of great posts at 4th Letter. At that time, there was no collected edition, and only selected issues were available in my local store. I nodded, politely smiled, and bookmarked the posts (which also include these three […]

Jul 31

5-10-15-20: Comic Book History for July 2012

Posted by Chris Eckert

It’s the end of the month, so that means another installment of 5-10-15-20. Not a lot of blockbuster debuts to discuss this month, although Vertigo has a couple of big scores that I probably don’t spend nearly enough time discussing. Do you have strong feelings about either book? Let me know in the comments! FIVE […]

Jul 1

5-10-15-20: Comic Book History for June 2012

Posted by Chris Eckert

Like sands through an hourglass, this is the latest installment of 5-10-15-20. I know this is a little late, but how am I supposed to remember that June only has 30 days? It’s not like there’s a children’s rhyme about it. Or calendars. As always feedback, particularly about how you’d like to see more ____________ […]

Jun 27

Baseball, Then Mass Suicide: My First Favorite Comic

Posted by Chris Eckert

Most of my posts lately have been trawling through comic book history, and this is no exception. This month marks the 25th Anniversary of me being an active comic reader. In June of 1987 I had just finished up 2nd grade and began deliberately following contemporary comics with Avengers #283. As detailed in the Origin […]

May 31

5-10-15-20: Comic Book History for May 2012

Posted by Chris Eckert

We’re back — at the very end of May — with another installment of 5-10-15-20, where we look at comic book history in convenient five year installments. I’ve started to figure out the workflow of digging up all this information, and I’m curious: what sort of features are people interested in seeing? Significant releases? Character […]

May 15

Jack Kirby and The Great Chain of Being (Screwed)

Posted by Chris Eckert

So in just two weeks, Marvel’s The Avengers has made a billion dollars worldwide. Over the past fourteen years, films based on Marvel superheroes have grossed over nine and a half billion dollars at the box office, and with the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, Iron Man 3, Wolverine, Thor 2 and others, you can expect to […]