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Chris has been reading funnybooks since he was very young. You know the Flaming Carrot origin story where he reads 10,000 comics in one sitting and goes insane and becomes a superhero? He did that, only over several sittings, so he only gets to sell superhero supplies. Chris loves comics, even superhero comics, very much, which is why he is so mean to them.

Jun 9


Posted June 9, 2011

It’s Thursday morning and DC is still parceling out its Big Relaunch News, with 48 of 52 books officially announced. I’ve been keeping track of them in a Google Spreadsheet! The only books left unannounced as those in the Superman Family, which is obviously being saved for tomorrow. Given their weird press junket (USA Today, [...]

Jun 6

DC Editors Say the Darndest Things

Posted June 6, 2011

DC has been issuing press releases left and right lately, hyping up their Big Overhaul in September. I’m sure their press department is working like mad, but some really goofy things have slipped out as a result. For instance! On the subject of the oft-delayed Batwoman #1: It’s very important in several different ways [...] [...]

Apr 20

FBBP #134: EisnerWatch: Nick Spencer

Posted April 20, 2011

Welcome to the New Look, New Technology Funnybook Babylon Podcast, powered by Skype and an overenthusiastic Chris editing the show so we all sound like we’re hopped up on amphetamines! We’re taking a look at the Eisner nominees, starting with Nick Spencer. We read Morning Glories and Jimmy Olsen and… we apologize to his fans [...]

Mar 8

Retro Linkblogging: The Comic Reader #157 and #168

Posted March 8, 2011

Here’s the latest news from over thirty years ago!

Feb 8

Offered With Minimal Comment: Marvel Premiere #1

Posted February 8, 2011

Comic Book Hippies were really getting it from all sides, weren’t they?

Feb 6

The Adventures of Ronald Reagan, American’s Comic Bookiest President

Posted February 6, 2011

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Wilson Reagan, America’s first Movie Star President, and our fortieth Commander-in-Chief overall. Befitting his celebrity status, Reagan was all over the comic pages. I’m not talking about political cartoons, MAD Magazine send-ups, or his frequent appearances in Doonesbury and Bloom County. I’m talking about bonafide [...]

Feb 5

Offered With Minimal Comment: Brother Power the Geek #2

Posted February 5, 2011

I’ve been in hardcore research mode for some upcoming BHM posts, and wanted to share this panel I came across. It illustrates an overlooked cost of corporate monoculture: modern labor protesters have only giant inflatable rats to rent. What happened to the Peace Missiles?

Feb 3

FBBP #133: The Lonesome Death of Johnny Storm

Posted February 3, 2011

What more is there to say? Johnny Storm died, and we have joined the rest of the vultures in the media in discussing his tragic passing. We also share broader thoughts about Jonathan Hickman’s Fantastic Four run, and you can also check out our earlier forays into Hickman’s work on FBB, plus David and Chris’s [...]

Feb 2

BHM #1: Beast History Month

Posted February 2, 2011

I’m guessing anyone reading this blog knows about David Brothers’s Annual Black History Month blogging . If not, go read them. And then know that this series of blog posts is an affectionate tribute to that. With a small wholesome whimper, the Comics Code Authority has gone gentle into that good night. For many reading [...]

Dec 17

To Those That Served: Funnybook Babylon Salutes the Creators of Supergirl #1-59

Posted December 17, 2010

Sterling Gates’s about-to-conclude Supergirl run — twenty six issues plus two annuals — is a respectable tenure on any Big Two comic these days, but for Supergirl this is an achievement comparable to Dave Sim’s 300 issues of Cerebus! In the thirty three issues prior to Gates’s run, the Girl of Steel had to put [...]

Dec 10

FBBP #132 – Beasts of Burden, Superman: Earth One and More

Posted December 10, 2010

Chris went to the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, and gives a brief recap, comparing and contrasting it to MoCCA and Kingcon. We review Dark Horse’s Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson. SPOILER ALERT: It’s lovely. To clarify what we discussed, you can read the first three BoB shorts on [...]

Oct 25

We Felt This One Was More Urgent – ASTONISHING PHOTOS INSIDE!

Posted October 25, 2010

I’ve spent entirely too much time on a post I hope to have up on Tuesday, but in preparing it I stumbled upon something amazing. Hoping to find photos of that scary looking Chapel cosplayer that went around to signings with Rob Liefeld back in the 1990s, I dug up the copy of Extreme Studios [...]

Oct 14

FBBP #131 – The NYCC Tapes, 2010

Posted October 14, 2010

Another New York Comicon has come and gone. When the first NYCC happened, Funnybook Babylon was but a glimmer in the Internet’s eye! At the second NYCC, Chris met Joseph and Jamaal for the first time, and the FBB Podcast began! From the third NYCC was borne a horrifying beast, the FBB Posse Cut, never [...]

Oct 5

FBBP #130 – Daytripper Reviewed

Posted October 5, 2010

If you’ve been reading Avenging the Week — and if not, why not? — you know how much Jamaal loved Daytripper, the recent Vertigo mini-series from Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon.  Now, you can listen to all four of us take a crack at heaping praise at it. Sorry for the spoilers, but we all [...]

Sep 11

FBBP #129 – Comics Creator Commentary Controversies!

Posted September 11, 2010

Controversial statements from veteran comic creators finally succeeded in cracking the Internet in half — or at least taking our site down for the week. We’re back now, and weighing in on: Kurt Busiek vs. Today’s Superhero Comics & Private E-Mails Darwyn Cooke vs. Today’s Superhero Comics & Perverted 45 Year Old Men Mark Waid [...]