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Mr. Jamaal Thomas regrets that it is impossible for him to: Read manuscripts, write articles to order, write forewords or introductions, make statements for publicity purposes, do any kind of editorial work, judge literary or artistic contests, give interviews, take part in conferences, answer questionnaires or any other internet meme, contribute to or take part in symposiums or panels of any kind, contribute articles for sales, donate copies of his work to libraries, autograph works or t-shirts for strangers, allow his name to be used on letterheads, supply personal information about himself, or supply opinions on comic books or any other subject. (All apologies to the master, Mr. Wilson). I tumbl at Infected Worldmind.

Feb 28

Avenging the Week: A Comeback?

Posted February 28, 2014

[Originally posted on Between the Stations, where you can find more Jamaal-y goodness about pop culture. I typically post these linkblog posts on that site (check out weeks 0, 1 and 2), but decided to reblog this one here because of the comics-related commentary.] Another sleep deprived week with Jamie the Bean… This was supposed […]

Jan 30

Invisible Readers

Posted January 30, 2014

[originally posted on Between the Stations] I enjoy the insights into the creative process and the business of comics gained from good interviews with comics creators and professionals. I’m not comfortable with the trend of parsing random interviews with comics professionals like policy briefs from the American Enterprise Institute. Even if the subject of the […]

Dec 4

Full Circle, or Learning to Appreciate the Single Issue

Posted December 4, 2013

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about change in superhero comics, the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Giffen’s Legion of Superheroes. I originally planned to post at Funnybook Babylon, but after some image insertion issues, I posted at Between Stations, my personal blog about pop culture. Go check it out. I had a […]

May 20

Off Topic: No More Butlers

Posted May 20, 2013

I know that you shouldn’t judge a movie by its trailer, but God, I hate the trailer for The Butler. It wraps all of the problematic bits about Hollywood’s approach to race and history in a single horrifying package. The Butler is the new film from Lee Daniels (director of Shadowboxer, Precious and last year’s […]

May 16

The Limits of Metaphor

Posted May 16, 2013

The recent success of movies based on superhero comics has inspired some smart conversation about how the political and social themes buried in the comics should evolve as the franchises are translated in different mediums. It’s a conversation that reminds me of the potential of these stories to explore meaningful issues in other media and […]

Apr 21

A Long Drive: Betty & Veronica, Remixed

Posted April 21, 2013

This is my favorite comics-related thing of the week. Brandon Graham recently posted two great mini comics on his website (which you should follow) based on a Betty and Veronica short by Gladir and DeCarlo. One is by Graham, and the second is from the talented Emily Carroll. As you might imagine, the stories are […]

Apr 2


Posted April 2, 2013

Top Cow Productions recently completed its first international Talent Hunt competition, and today CBR News announces its winners with an exclusive look at their art and story pitches. …….. Top Cow eventually selected writers Eugene Ward, Hannibal Tabu and Kenneth Porter, and artists -Rom- and Martin Gimenez as the winners of the 2012 Talent Hunt. […]

Mar 29

Life Hasn’t Been Very Kind To Me Lately

Posted March 29, 2013

I’ve spent most of the last six months thinking about trauma. In my day job, we’re investing a lot of time and effort to identify the ways in which the traumatic experiences of our clients (individuals from vulnerable populations with some involvement in the justice system) affect their lives and develop interventions that can help […]

Mar 25

Private Eye: An Extraordinary Ordinary Comic

Posted March 25, 2013

If you’re reading this post, you’re almost certainly aware that Brian K. Vaughan teamed up with Marcos Martin to announce a mysterious independent comic project last Monday. People were excited. The excitement only grew when Vaughan announced that the book would be available for download, DRM free at the Panel Syndicate website on the following […]

Jan 2

Jamaal’s Day of Reckoning With Judge Dredd

Posted January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013. Hope everyone’s had a safe, fun and relaxing holiday. I was recently invited by Douglas Wolk to discuss Tour of Duty: Backlash, the impressive first part of a lengthy Judge Dredd storyline in 2000 A.D. by John Wagner with art by Carlos Ezquerra, Nick Dyer, Pat Goodard, Colin MacNeil, Kevin Walker and […]

Oct 15

NYCC Has A Cold: A Look At NYCC 2012 From Afar

Posted October 15, 2012

New York Comic Con. This is the first year that I’ve missed the Con since we started Funnybook Babylon about five years ago. I’ve always found a way to enjoy NYCC, despite the overwhelming crowds and inane panels, but the tension between my preferences for a comic/pop culture convention and the reality of NYCC became […]

Sep 21

Who’s Going To Bring the Game Back?

Posted September 21, 2012

About two years ago, David Brothers recommended Brandon Graham’s King City in a conversation and in a series of great posts at 4th Letter. At that time, there was no collected edition, and only selected issues were available in my local store. I nodded, politely smiled, and bookmarked the posts (which also include these three […]

Sep 19

I Know I Contradicted Myself. Look, I Don’t Need That Now.

Posted September 19, 2012

“They try to find some hidden darkness or something like that,” he sighs, “or ‘this proves, this proves!’ – naw, it just proves I said something that day, you know, which either I still agree with or don’t. Why do I have to defend all of this? I think people just want to be mad […]

Jun 23

Dredd Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)

Posted June 23, 2012

The first trailer for Dredd. For the uninitiated, Dredd is an adaptation of the famous British comics property created by John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra (and serialized in 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine) about a police state in a post-apocalyptic world. In this world, the varied actors/stakeholders in the criminal justice system have […]

May 11

Azzarello and Chiang’s Excellent Adventure

Posted May 11, 2012

I loved everything about the first few issues of Azzarello and Chiang’s Wonder Woman. When Chiang was briefly rotated off the title, my love dimmed, even though Akins is a more than capable artist. Chiang returned to the series for the seventh issue, but I fear that it’s too late. My love has faded.