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Oct 15

FBBP Rebroadcast – Sentences Review

Posted October 15, 2008

This week Vertigo releases two of its original graphic novels in softcover. This week’s podcast discusses Sloth by Gilbert Hernandez, and will be up later today. We reviewed the other book, Sentences by Percy Carey and Ronald Wimberly, on another podcast last November. If you haven’t already purchased it, I highly recommended doing so this […]

Aug 29

FBBP #69 – Explicit Invasion

Posted August 29, 2008

Jon, Pedro, Chris, and Joe got together on Wednesday to discuss the current status of Marvel’s (not-so) Secret Invasion. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Aug 20

FBBP #67 – Manifestos Never End Well

Posted August 20, 2008

…except for the the one Joe wrote when we started this site. But then, everyone else seemed to ignore it and it never saw the light of day, so probably that was for the best. Look at the track record for public manifestos, it’s not pretty. This week we review: Batman #679: The fourth chapter […]

Aug 13

FBBP #66 – Interim Crisis

Posted August 13, 2008

FBB is at full power, discussing the relaunches of The Authority, NYX: No Way Home, and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane as a nice appetizer platter. We cleanse the palate with a quick Jeph Loeb Happy Hour toasting the Hulk before our main course: Final Crisis #3 gets the full treatment as we discuss the philosophical […]

Jul 29

FBBP #65 – Universal Resurrections

Posted July 29, 2008

With Pedro risking his Dominican ass in Boston drinking Incredible Hulks, Chris, Jamaal and Joe discuss The Dark Knight. Seems like we miss having Pedro’s unabashed enthusiasm around, because we don’t really convey how much we all seriously enjoyed this excellent movie. We also discuss news from the San Diego Comic Con, including two and […]

Jul 22

FBBP #64 – Transmedia, the “Synergy” of 2K8

Posted July 22, 2008

Back from a long hiatus due to birthdays, movings, and sheer laziness, the Funnybook Babylon crew discusses two recent standout books: Geoff Johns and Scott Kollin’s Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge #1 has some kinetic art that Joe loves, but does Chris warm to Johns’s new treatment of the Flash Rogues? We also discuss the recently […]

Jul 1

FBBP #63 – Image and You

Posted July 1, 2008

We’re back from a Mac-induced hiatus (Can you believe an Apple product had the gall to break on us?), and we talked about Marvel’s massive week (thirty-four books!!!) and whether any of them were worth your money. Marvel’s tidal wave didn’t stop us from talking about DC’s big book, Final Crisis #2. Have Jamaal and […]

Jun 11

FBBP #61 – Comics Are Hot as Hell (MoCCA Recap)

Posted June 11, 2008

And so was NYC this weekend. Jon was in town, so we blame him, but we understand. The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) art show/convention/whatever was down at the Puck Building downtown on Saturday and Sunday, so that’s what we’re mostly on about, but we also talk DC’s Trinity, Cam Stewart and Catwoman, […]

Jun 3

FBBP #60 – Attack of the Scots

Posted June 3, 2008

This week’s podcast featured more Scotsmen than a Mel Gibson fight scene! Grant Morrison! (All-Star Superman! Batman! Final Crisis!) Frank Quitely! (All-Star Superman too!) Mark Millar! (1985!) Joining us on the podcast is FBB’s own David Uzumeri, an expert on this exotic species. Back in America, Marvel is pushing Fred Van Lente and the Periscope […]

May 24

FBBP #59 – Last Son, Part 6

Posted May 24, 2008

Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the gap from recording to posting was pretty wide this time. David Brothers fills in for Pedro, as we look at a raft of new books on the shelf! Issues addressed: Is Batman getting better/more accessible? How cool are the Super Young Team? What’s the deal with […]

May 13

FBBP #57 – Iron Man and Our Wives

Posted May 13, 2008

The original FBB Trio come together for Round One of “Summer ’08 Funnybook Blockbusters” and discuss Iron Man. The opening discussion of Clinton/Obama and Jimmy Carter’s potential as a supervillain informs the rest of the chat, responding to political readings of the movie out in the media. Is Tony Stark a Neocon? A Goldwater Conservative? […]

Apr 30

FBBP #56 – No More Posse Cuts

Posted April 30, 2008

  Yeah, we are never doing a podcast like the last ones. Batman can be nicer than you think and Pedro talks about the last issue of Checkmate. Archaia Studios Press attempts to steal our hearts from First Second. Jamaal discusses the merits of what has to be the best written collection of essays on […]

Apr 21

Web 2.0: How to E-Win Friends and E-Nuisance People

Posted April 21, 2008

I know the official face of Funnybook Babylon looks like an old dude, but he’s hip! He reads Kelly, so he knows that kids today are always into “some gizmo” or other, watching videos on their computer and generally Web 2.0ing it up. Come on kids, some older folks have barely figured out Web 1.0! […]

Apr 18


Posted April 18, 2008

A lot of people are here in New York. Pedro, Jamaal, Jeff, David, Gabe, Ash, Jon, get together at our favorite firefighter’s house for a preshow, involving lots of drinks and cigars. Enjoy. PS: Make sure you listen to the very end for a very special quote from Stan “The Man” Lee.

Apr 16

FBBP #53 – Superman’s Foreign Policy Regarding Tensions between Tehran and Kandor

Posted April 16, 2008

This week we talk Criminal #2, The new Howard Zinn comic book, and Pedro comes clean about JSA. Chris got his hands on some preview copies of some Minx Books, and relates his experiences. We also have a deeper conversation of the about the ign Geoff Johns interview, and I ask “Why should we care?” […]