FBBP #139 – Origin Stories with David Brothers

Posted by and on Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at 02:59:32 PM

Chris and David Brothers chat about how they got into comics, how they drifted away, how they came back, and lots of other digressions about their formative years.

Check out this gallery of some of the comics we end up discussing!
Plus: Bronze Age DC, the Death of Superman novelization, Marvel’s Star Wars comics, the Ultraverse, Frank Miller in Spanish, Marvel Knights, and much much more!

Coming up next: more Origin Stories, with the rest of the FBB Gang.

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  2. […] wasn’t reading any superhero comics in 1997. Neither was David Brothers: as we discussed in the last FBB podcast, he had given up a year earlier during Onslaught. But unlike David, I was still reading comics. […]

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