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October 25, 2010

We Felt This One Was More Urgent – ASTONISHING PHOTOS INSIDE!

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I’ve spent entirely too much time on a post I hope to have up on Tuesday, but in preparing it I stumbled upon something amazing. Hoping to find photos of that scary looking Chapel cosplayer that went around to signings with Rob Liefeld back in the 1990s, I dug up the copy of Extreme Studios Tourbook 1993 that I somehow own. Do not judge me, dear reader, because I discovered so much more:


Never mind the Chapel cosplayer, never mind Liefeld and the rest of the Image boys in their early nineties glory:



Though it’s probably just a coincidence — or like most people in their early twenties, Rob only owned one tie — I’d like to believe this photo was snapped backstage after Rob’s appearance on Dennis Miller Live:

It probably didn’t happen, but it’s a wonderfully surreal idea that Dennis Miller, Rob Liefeld and Eazy E hung out in the green room, talking about Nick Fury. I choose to believe it really occured.

And speaking of Boyz in the Hood, that’s John Singleton up in that shot with the Image founders. Singleton showing up at a comic event is less surprising, since he’s been talking about doing a Luke Cage or Black Panther movie forever. But here’s a shot of him from the early 1990s hanging with Maya Angelou wearing a bootleg-looking Black Panther cap anyway.


I have nothing more to say. Someone tweet @RobertLiefeld, let’s get to the bottom of this epic crossover!

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