FBBP #131 – The NYCC Tapes, 2010

Posted by on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 at 02:25:02 PM

Another New York Comicon has come and gone.

When the first NYCC happened, Funnybook Babylon was but a glimmer in the Internet’s eye!
At the second NYCC, Chris met Joseph and Jamaal for the first time, and the FBB Podcast began!
From the third NYCC was borne a horrifying beast, the FBB Posse Cut, never to be repeated.
The fourth NYCC saw future Fourcast maestro David Brothers sit in on a show.

And now, eighteen months — and somehow only forty-one episodes — later, Chris, Jamaal, and Joseph once again welcome special Con guest stars: Batmannotator Supreme David Uzumeri and New Jersey’s Favorite Son Gavin “Gavok” Jasper!

As this was recorded in a crowded hotel room on Saturday night, here are some corrective shownotes that also serve as a list of topics discussed:

  • Chris Hastings’s The Adventures of Dr. McNinja was indeed picked up by Dark Horse. Congratulations again, Chris!
  • Gavin’s “Venom + Prop” sketchbook is now online!
  • Mark Waid’s current title at Boom Studios is “Chief Creative Officer”.
  • Citing health concerns, Gavin never shook hands with Jeph Loeb
  • While Anthony Bourdain’s Get Jiro isn’t coming out until 2012, the Untitled Azzarello/Risso project is allegedly coming out next year.

Where’s Pedro, you ask? He’s over on the Fourcast as their special guest star. What will the sixth NYCC hold for us? NO ONE KNOWS.

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