FBBP Slimcast #1 – Joseph & Jamaal talk Black Widow

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In an effort to present more unsolicited opinions on comics, Funnybook Babylon proudly presents THE SLIMCAST: shorter shows featuring our regular panel and guests briefly discussing the issues of the day. The stars have not been aligning for our traditional full-crew sprawling podcasts in recent weeks, but rest assured they will return soon.

ON THIS SLIMCAST: Joseph and Jamaal convene on the eve of the summer blockbuster Iron Man 2 to look at Marvel’s recent attempts to boost IM2 co-star Black Widow’s place on the stands.  The Widow was introduced the same month as Daredevil and Doctor Octopus (and to be fair, The Rabble Rouser and El Toro) but has never received the attention many of her contemporaries have enjoyed.

To combat this, Marvel’s put out several Widow-centric books recently. Joe and Jamaal review last year’s Black Widow: Deadly Origin mini-series by Paul Cornell, Tom Raney and John Paul Leon. They also sample the first issue of the new Black Widow ongoing series by Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuña. Is Marvel building up the Widow as comic character befitting her movie star status, or is this Blade all over again? Listen and learn!

Plus: Jamaal makes his 2010 Supreme Court Justice Fantasy Draft Picks!

And check back later this week as Chris and David survey the wreckage of New Krypton and the Superman family of comics!

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