Final Crisis Annotations Epilogue: The Hardcover

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Yeah, this is incredibly anal, but after the ridiculous amount of time I spent studying this book, I’d be remiss not to cap this off with a look at the collected edition.

But first, since I don’t think I’ve ever linked them at once like this: here are all of the original annotations/articles I wrote upon the book’s initial release.
Final Crisis #1
Final Crisis #2
Final Crisis #3
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1
Final Crisis #4
Final Crisis #5
Final Crisis #6
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond – On Mandrakk
Final Crisis #7

So: a catalogue of, as far as I can tell, every single change made to Final Crisis from single issue to collected edition. A lot of them are pretty interesting, and clear up stuff that I remember myself or other annotators pointing out. I’ve bolded the ones that are major, or of special interest (the one about the Anthro painting being in Gotham rather than NYC has rather interesting potential repercussions for the Return of Bruce Wayne storyline).

Final Crisis #1
Page 15: The reference to the LaGrange point (which was, I recall people saying, scientifically inaccurate) is replaced with “20,000 miles above sea level.”
Page 16: Empress is now colored dark-skinned, as per her original appearances in Young Justice.
Page 20: J’onn’s death panel (heh) is colored differently – in the original version, you can see a lot more of the colors of his costume, but it’s dominated by red in the hardcover.
Page 26: “New Earth” is now “Universe Designate-Zero.” “Universe 51” is now “U-Designate-51.”
Page 31: Anthro’s “?” word balloon is moved from the panel where he paints the symbol on his face to the one to the upper-right, his silhouette standing up in surprise. This is presumably in response to people who thought the “?”‘s placement in the original issue meant that Anthro was touching a symbol that spontaneously appeared, rather than one he was drawing.

Final Crisis #2
Page 18: In the fourth panel, John Stewart’s missing ring is drawn back on. It messed up the reveal later, when Batman noticed that Stewart punched Kraken from the ring imprint in her palm.
Page 21: In the second panel, after Kraken asks “Why are you LOOKING at me like that?”, Batman has a line of dialogue added, in small font: “That imprint on your palm…”, again presumably to make Batman’s thought process and the ring imprint from John clearer.
Page 23: Dialogue added, third panel, coming from the helicopter: “THIS IS A RESTRICTED AREA! STAY WHERE YOU ARE!” I guess to make it clear that Turpin was running from the ‘copter?
Page 24: A new line of dialogue, at the end of Kamandi’s statement in panel four: “Metron gave you a weapon!” is added after “Mister, they’re making slaves!” Also, they didn’t fix the typo where Good says “joylessy” instead of “joylessly.”
Page 29: The first panel has dialogue added: Jay screams “GAGGH!”, while Wally says “Jay, look out!”

Final Crisis #3
Page 4: The font issues with the German-specific characters are resolved, and the words display correctly.
Page 5: “NY Subway Extension” is changed to “Gotham Subway Extension.” This could be a HUGE clue – although it contradicts with what’s going on in Red Robin, if the symbol there is the same one that Anthro draws at the very end of the book, then that means Bruce’s bat-symbol drawing is under the rock just to its right, and that that’s where he came back to life. This would appear to line up with what we know about Return of Bruce Wayne.
Page 15: “Now that I think about it.” is placed in between “Hmmmmm” and Alan Scott’s balloon about Article X on the bottom panel.
Page 17: “Green Arrow and Black Canary ride again.” added after “I’M drafting you, Oliver. UP!”
Page 21: Superbat’s statement that “We’ve done this sort of thing before” (which was untrue) is replaced with “we’re the answer to all your prayers.”

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1
In general, all 3D effects have been removed from this issue and the next.
Page 21: After “A book with an INFINITE number of pages, all occupying the SAME SPACE”, “THAT’S why no-one can read it” is replaced with “of course no-one can read it.” Also, “We know the Ultima Thule’s onboard computer…” is changed to “According to Captain Adam, the Ultima Thule’s onboard computer…”. And finally, in what I can only presume is another mistake, “…and download instructions for its OWN REPAIR!” became “…and download MANUAL! Its OWN REPAIR.” Maybe they meant manual FOR its own repair?
Page 23: The word balloons on this page are all enlarged, since in the original comic they were smaller than those on any other page. Merryman’s dialogue is modified from “Why can’t I see anything?” to “So why can’t *I* see anything?”
Page 26: The final caption, “in the plague pit…”, is moved to the previous panel and replaced with “An unstoppable COUNTDOWN to COSMIC REVELATION has begun!”
Page 27: Merryman’s line “Seriously, this just doesn’t happen!” is removed, and the “Nobody’s special… nothing happens…” is moved to where that was. Also, words in the trade are bolded that weren’t previously – “NOTHING beyond the VOID, the BLANK, the ZIP, the ZILCH.” Also, “decisions”, “antagonize”, “magic word” and “Captain Marvel” get bolded.

Final Crisis: Submit
Page 25: Dialogue added after “Our entire world, our REALITY…”: “This circuit, this sign began to appear all over the world before all this started.” (referring, of course, to the Metron sigil).

Final Crisis #4
Page 3: “By the time you saw me ARRIVE, I’d already DRAGGED the guy through the shield” becomes the rather clearer “I was moving so fast, I’d already dragged the guy through the shield by the time the light reached your eyes.”
Page 8: “Maybe he’ll favor GRANNY GOODNESS” becomes “Maybe he’ll favor LIBRA, the Anti-Life that walks, maybe GRANNY GOODNESS”
Page 13: The star on Wonder Woman’s tiara is now filled in so it doesn’t look like a pentagram, and “Castellan Draper informs us that castle defenses will fail within the hour” is changed to “within 24 hours.”
Page 20: Shilo Norman’s skin color is now, correctly, black.

Final Crisis #5
Cover: The background is now dark blue rather than purple.
Page 1: “If you can prove…” after “But I can’t seem to account for my whereabouts…” is changed to “If Alpha Lantern Kraken can shed any light on that I’m ready to listen.”
Page 2: The “RINGS ONLY WORK IF YOU CAN THINK!” word balloons are split between panels two and three now, between WORK and IF.
Page 11: Shilo Norman is now black. Unfortunately, so is Sonny Sumo. Can’t win them all, I guess.
Page 13: “the Swiss border just… just got further away…” is now “just… just got closer…”, which I guess fits more properly with actual spacetime compression past an event horizon.
Page 14: To the relief of people everywhere who were bitching about this, “solve a RUBIK CUBE with” becomes “solve a scrambled RUBIK CUBE with.”
Page 16: The Justifier to the right in the top panel now also says “UP!”.
Page 17: When Libra says “We’re thinking about having YOU lead the rearguard action against the BLUDHAVEN BRIDGE,” the “Luthor” after that is removed, probably because it was redundant alongside Libra’s earlier comment about “…can you BELIEVE it, Luthor?”
Page 18: The “…Mokkari has FAILED you, Great One!…” speech is moved from being said by Mokkari to being said by Godfrey, so Mokkari’s no longer talking about himself in the third person.
Page 21: The “I. AM. THE. NEW. GOD.” word balloons are now more evenly spread throughout the panel, starting from about 25% in to the left and ending at the far right, rather than just taking up the first half of the panel as in the single issue.

Final Crisis #6
Page 1: Superman’s “You PROMISED you could RETURN…” word balloon is now semi-transparent near its right side, to show Superman’s getting pulled back to the present. “Excuse me, Superman” becomes “Excuse me, one moment.”
Page 2: “I’m being pulled back to my own time.” is added to the end of “Make it FAST, Brainiac 5.”, and that word balloon is also semi-transparent.
Page 3: The “I’m fading…” word balloon is now semi-transparent.
Page 13: Kalibak now says “Hhhhh” before the little asterisk, just to make SURE you know he’s dead, and that he also dies explicitly mid-word begging for help.
Page 15: “3 billion FREE HUMANS” becomes “1 1/2 billion.” Shilo’s properly black.
Pages 16-17: Black Shilo, light-skinned Sonny: Is this the only spread in the book where they got it right?
Page 23: “Libra, the man who became the GLOVE PUPPET of the Gods.” now has “A hollow vessel.” between it and “I’ll show you BALANCE…”
Page 25: “Beyond the reach of LIGHT” becomes “Nothing, not even light can escape his presence.”
Page 26: “Accept that the equation is PROVEN” becomes “Accept that the equation has solved the human problem.”

Final Crisis #7
Page 5: “Beyond these walls, there’s nothing left that isn’t DARKSEID.” becomes “Beyond these walls, there’s nothing left that isn’t the Forever Pit DARKSEID dragged us all into.”
Pages 6-7: The “Of how HE, just a MAN, had fatally WOUNDED the GOD OF EVIL” caption box is moved to the second page, just to the right of the rocket. The “And how we fought for what we BELIEVED in” box was moved from the fifth panel to the fourth, just below robo-Superman’s punching arm.
Page 16: The “BOOM” at the bottom is moved a bit to the lower-right, below Hawkman’s punching hand rather than to its upper left.
Page 18: Darkseid now says “not.” in little letters after Superman says “This was SUICIDE, Darkseid.” Wonder Woman says “Talk to me.” before “Darkseid is order.” Luthor’s “Libra WAS the Anti-Life Equation and now he’s not.” line is removed, since Luthor just hacked the Mad Hatter helmets, not the actual equation. And Darkseid says “not.” in small letters again in that last panel as well.
Page 20: “What used to be TIME is slowing to a STOP” is now “What was once TIME is broken now and blinded.”
Page 22: “You’re in the final stages of RADION poisoning, Darkseid. Your composite human ‘body’ unable to MOVE, let alone ACT.” is now “We’re almost at the bottom, where it all ends, where there’s no more future. You’re in the final stages of RADION poisoning, Darkseid.” After “HOW COULD I ASK FOR A BETTER GIFT TO DESTROY YOU WITH?”, Darkseid says “MY WILL BE DONE”, implying he’d use the Miracle Machine himself. Superman says “Everything’s just FREQUENCIES, vibrations” instead of just “Everything’s just vibrations.”
Page 25: Hal’s “Whatever they are, they’re OUR WAY IN!” is now “Whatever they are, they’re OUR WAY ACROSS THE EVENT HORIZON!” And, because it’s probably more appropriate since Mandrakk is a vampire, Superman now says “Not so easy when your prey BITES BACK, is it, Mandrakk?” rather than “fights back.”
Page 27: “LET THE SUN SHINE IN!” is now in a word balloon with jagged edges, to demonstrate shouting.
Page 28: The exiled animals are now from Earth-26 rather than Earth-35, correctly matching up with the Captain Carrot and the Final Ark miniseries. “Do you HEAR me? ‘Let all who worship evil’s might…'” now becomes “Do you HEAR that chant growing stronger? ‘Let all who worship evil’s might…'”, to line up with the small army of Green Lanterns who’re saying it at this point right behind him.
Page 29: “I summon the FOREVER PEOPLE OF THE 5th WORLD!” becomes “I summon the FOREVER PEOPLE OF THE 5th WORLD FROM EARTH-51 EXILE!”, just to make that clearer.
Page 36: “Fire lights his eyes.” is removed completely. “And then…” is added before “In a halo of blazing light”, and the “…old man passes like a dream.” caption box is moved to the final panel, before “Like smoke.”

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