FBBP #117 – The Umbrella Academy

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Rock ‘n’ Roll and Superhero Comics are two uniquely American creations of the twentieth century, and they share many traits — a patchwork Genesis story, arguments about who was really first, youthful rebellion, corporate co-option, a “British Invasion” coming along and showing up their American rivals, a decades-long struggle to be taken “seriously”.

But the two have had a very rocky relationship when they come in contact with one another:

1959 – Superman meets Pat Boone
1965 – The Thing and Human Torch meet the Beatles
1975 – Paul McCartney sings about Magneto and the Titanium Man
1977 – Howard the Duck meets KISS
1979 – Millie the Model meets Alice Cooper
1985 – Swamp Thing meets Sting (kind of)
1986 – The Transformers meet Bruce Springsteen (kind of)
1993 – Shadowman meets Aerosmith
1995 – No One was willing to meet Billy Ray Cyrus
1998 – Red Rocket 7 meets Just About Everyone

And now, My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way (along with Gabriel Ba) has entered the fray with The Umbrella Academy. On a scale of 1 (Billy Ray Cyrus) to 10 (“Iron Man”), how does The Umbrella Academy stack up? Is this even analogous to the list above? The FBBP Action News Team investigates!

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