Tough Love Tuesday Breaking News: Insufficient Censorship

Posted by on Tuesday, September 9th, 2008 at 03:48:08 PM

We interupt our regularly scheduled nitpicking about proper grammar and usage to bring you this breaking story:

The reason behind All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder‘s recall revealed! The censor bars didn’t print properly a whole bunch of times! Cusswords are visible! Look out! Don’t click through if you don’t want to see Batgirl being super-sassy:

DSC 0069


DSC 0070


DSC 0071


Thanks to an anonymous tipster for the fast camera action! One has to wonder why they’d bother typing out the offending words in the first place, as it runs the risk of exactly this sort of thing happening with no apparent benefit.

This reminds me of an issue of Milestone’s My Name is Holocaust; that had a similar problem. Milestone used “squiggles” to represent profanity, and usually the squiggle was clearly a substitute, not an obfuscation of the word in question. But sometimes it would be a “squiggle” over the word, which is fine until someone forgets to squiggle up several pages of a book, and it goes out unmolested.

Still, you can’t really blame the editors in this case. Had the censor bars been printed properly and actually censored Batgirl’s pottymouth, as they did in ASBAR #6, this wouldn’t be an issue. You win this round, editors! But we’re watching you.

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