Adventures in Shamelessness: Offered Without Comment

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Invasion! TPB

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  1. I guess taking potshots at the number one is the kind of thing that works for Apple and Activision. Why does it seem incredibly classless here.

  2. What’s really amazing is that it’s presented like a tagline which is relevant to the story, which it isn’t. This printing will, presumably, be around for a while after Secret Invasion – an ad I could buy, but this is the *cover*. It’s not like an iPod box is insulting the Walkman.

  3. That’s some flame-‘fro Firestorm’s sporting.

  4. DC’s gonna have to learn to respect the king, or else be the next contestant on the Summer Jam screen.

    You know who did you know what with you know who, right?

  5. Still, this story? Ten fucking times better than Secret Invasion. And probably the last good DC crossover.

    Which is really, really sad.

  6. This was not a good story in my opinion. What possible reason could they have in reprinting it other than to slap that tagline on there as a potshot?

  7. I don’t even think this is a potshot. DC’s trying to use the success of Secret Invasion to sell a few more copies of the Invasion crossover. Why should I care about this?

  8. You don’t think it’s a little bit disingenuous, even for corporate marketers, to even remotely imply a relationship between Invasion and Secret Invasion?

  9. It’s nothing worse than SNAKES ON A TRAIN, a straight-to-DVD flick meant to capitalize on SNAKES ON A PLANE.

    They’d have been a bit better marketing MILLENIUM with “they’ve secretly invaded our planet” or some nonsense, since that event was a lot closer to Secret Invasion in many ways.

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