(UPDATED) Wow, Kelley Puckett’s Supergirl is going — wha??

Posted by on Saturday, May 31st, 2008 at 06:54:23 PM
Supergirl #30 - Will Pfeifer & Ron Randall

Supergirl #30 – Will Pfeifer & Ron Randall

DC, I know you’re not all about this “informing readers” thing, what with Dark Side Club crossover banners appearing out of nowhere without a checklist and your love of last-minute artist changes. But when you straight-up change the whole story, usually you have the courtesy of letting us know it’s going to be a completely different creative team, but apparently not anymore.

Is this a fill-in one shot, and if so, why not tell us? And if this is a new creative team, I mean, you’ve solicited for a while out, why not tell us *that*? This is just lame, guys.

UPDATE: The “Next Issue” blurb for Supergirl #31 is the original solicitation for #30, so Puckett doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Phew. Still, guys, a little warning.

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