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April 9, 2008

Pull List Analysis for April 9, 2008

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Hey there, I know we haven’t been doing Pull List Analysis lately. I guess David wanted to shift over to doing actual reviews. But I like the idea of looking over the coming week’s comics and taking a look at what’s coming up. I’m kind of out of the weekly loop lately, so if I’ve overlook something strong, do talk your picks up.

There are several books a lot of people like that are coming out that are in the middle of stuff. So if you (like me) enjoyed the previous issues of Young Liars, Tiny Titans or Criminal, know that those will be on the shelves this Wednesday! Also in the Big Two’s Neighborhood, Jason Aaron continues his big debut on Wolverine, Geoff Johns does some stuff I am assured is not a Silver Age Circlejerk in Justice Society of America, HitLar do the damn thing for their third Fantastic Four issue, and Garth Ennis hits the penultimate issue of his107 issue meditation on Being a Hard Man in Punisher MAX. But what else might you run across?

Wildstorm Publishing: Can this still be real or just some crazy dream?Number Of The Beast #1 by Scott Beatty & Chris Sprouse: Calm down, people! This comic has nothing to do with Eddie or anything else as metal as the title suggests. No, it’s another Wildstorm crossover. I guess at some point they got really religious, which is odd seeing as former WS editor John Layman (author of the Left Behind comics!) left years ago. A couple years ago Wildstorm’s universe got rebooted in Captain Atom: Armageddon. It was supposed to relaunch with the Worldstorm, but some combination of Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Gene Ha and the collective superhero comics audience decided they didn’t care enough to actually relaunch. So instead the thankless task fell to the less glamorous creative teams of Armageddon, Revelations and now apparently The Number of the Beast. I have absolutely no idea what this book is about. There have been some fun Wildstorm books over the years, but I feel like the whole line needs a moratorium for a couple of years. Maybe the stench of trainwreck will have faded after awhile.

75% more hands, 500% more casual sex than the Fantastic Four!Titans Vol 2 #1 by Judd Winick & Ian Churchill: The old Wolfman/Perez Titans are back! People seem to have gotten their dander up at the idea of Judd Winick taking these sacrosanct characters and turning them into the tawdry sex-crazed twenty-somethings that people claim infest every Winick book. Stereotypes about Winick’s writing aside, when haven’t these characters been sex-crazed and tawdry? You could work up a Women in Refrigerators-type site called Titans in Moral Turpitude and it’s be nearly as long a list. Venerable Titans artist George Perez still draws commissions of the lady Titans in scenes of sexual bondage, and contributes to this site. How can Winick possibly top this? It’s a wonder that DC was so squeamish about Ennis’s Titans parody in THE BOYS!!!; given how mild it was for Ennis, the only major difference between the two was how the Teenage Kix weren’t shown quite as sympathetically.

Unfortunately, the series is drawn by Ian Churchill. That’s one big strike, and the fact that the book also had a lead-in full of stupid inconseqential deaths is strike two. Titans in Refrigerators would be another epic site given the way they kill them off in recent DC Events, actually. With the count at 1-2, I’m pretty sure this book will fail to live up to the near-John-Waters level of camp trash that it attained in my dreams.

New Mutants ClassicNew Mutants Classic volume 3 by Chris Claremont & Bill Sienkiewicz: This collects issues 18-25 of, believe it or not, what was once the only X-Men spin-off book in existence. While New Mutants was one of the first books I picked up as an eight year old comics noviate, it holds no real place of nostalgia in my heart. However, these particular issues feature some pretty great, and insanely out-there-for-1984-Marvel art by Bill Sienkiewicz. I’m not sure if that’s worth the $25 price of admission, but it’s surely worth a flip-through if you haven’t seen it before.

Screamland #2 by Harold Sipe & Hector Casanova: Yep, I’m mentioning this book again. I got to read a preview of the second issue, and you can cross-apply everything I said about the first issue. Oh, except this one focuses on the Mummy.

Kaput And Zosky by Lewis Trondheim: Hey, First Second’s release schedule has caught up to where we haven’t already read and gushed about their books! This appears to be an all-ages effort from Lewis Trondheim, who’s done about a million different comics in France. Some of his work outside Dungeon has been hit and miss with me, and his initial First Second release (A.L.I.E.E.E.N.) kind of left me cold, but again, probably worth a look if you’ve got a tax refund burning a hole in your pocket. First Second’s got another book coming out this week, Three Shadows; I know nothing about this book, but Vulture had a preview awhile back and it looked promising.

Peoples History Of American Empire by Howard Zinn, Paul Buhle & Mike Konopacki: Howard Zinn is going to be at the New York Comic Con! Holy crap! Also, I guess this is a cartoon adaptation of his big famous A People’s History of the United States book. Will this crew turn out to be the next three-headed Larry Gonick, or will Zinn’s effort be closer to Douglas Rushkoff’s forays into funnybooks? Who cares, Howard Zinn is going to be at NYCC! I wonder if can lightsaber duel!

Adventures Of Little Archie Vol 1 by Bob Bolling: This is apparently a new edition, with far less ugly book design than the first printing, in line with the recently released second volume. I picked up the old version of this book awhile back based on the glowing comments Jaime Hernandez often makes about Bolling and these stories. They’re pretty much the farthest thing from “Archie” comics you can imagine: the first story involves warlike Martians invading, kidnapping Little Archie and tossing him in jail with a chain smoking conscientious-objecting beatnik alien. This is like a missing link between Our Gang and Stephen Weissman’s Yikes!. In other reprint news, Fantagraphics’ gorgeous-looking Willie & Joe The WWII Years by Bill Mauldin should be on the shelves this week too. There’s no way I can afford it, but hopefully someone around town will have a display copy.

So what is everyone else getting? DEFEND YOUR PULL LISTS!

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  1. Young Liars is awesome. I’m happy someone else is enjoying it, too! lol

    “It was supposed to relaunch with the Worldstorm, but some combination of Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Gene Ha and the collective superhero comics audience decided they didn’t care enough to actually relaunch.”

    Wasn’t it pretty much agreed on by the collective whole that Grant Morrison can’t make a deadline? I thought I read somewhere he only turned in one script for both Wildcats and the Authority before pretty much quitting on it altogether. Maybe I’m wrong?

    Anyway, it looks like it was a boring week for comics. Oh well, there’s always next week!

    Comment by Kenny — April 10, 2008 @ 1:01 pm

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