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March 26, 2008

FBBP #50 – Featuring the Peerless Power of David Brothers

This week features blogalaxy surfing zen master David Brothers as we talk about Pedro’s attempts at sub-super villainy, review Cap, Iron Man, Death of the New Gods, Incredible Herc, and War is Hell. We even talk about he who should not be named who is spoiling books for Tom Spurgeon. It’s our 50th show, so that means… nothing right?

Notes after the Jump.

You got to work within your budget.

“No one else wants to be a super-villain?”

Like if you went to his wikipedia page Joe, and you were to read it, your head would explode. It abuses time travel in the worst way.
– Pedro on “Per Degaton”

“If James Joyce were dead, we would have no porn. Jamaal, destroy my logic.”
– Joe on “Pedro’s latest scheme.”

“The only man trying to be a cross between Doctor Doom and Marlo Stanfield.”
– Joe on “What Pedro wishes to be when he grows up.”

“4th Letter is a subsidiary of David Brother’s ego.”
– Pedro on “our special guest’s website.”

Ultimate Arnim Zola “There is no Radical High Concept for Iron Man or Captain America.”

“The Ninja Turtles character basically.”
– David B. on “Arnim Zola”

“Buy the damn book.”
– Jamaal on “How to Sell Iron Man to Joe”

“She’s like an ineffective Amanda Waller.”
– David B. on Val Cooper

‘New Gods is obviously the awful comic that the good Final Crisis must merge with to return Balance to DC’s line.”

And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those shitty DC Writers “Wait, it’s as if Che went evil and started killing people?”
– Pedro on “the Himon reveal as a New God killer from last month”

“It’s a post-racial source. It’s change you can believe in.”
– Jamaal on “the black source ball”

“Interestingly enough, genocide was not enough for Metron. He was totally fine about that.”
– Jamaal on “The betrayal of Mister Miracle”

“Honestly, he was like a Scooby Doo villian back then.”
– David B. on Jack Kirby’s Darksied

You know there is no norse word for frog.  I checked“All Marvel Back Issues are much better in their Original Norse”

“The point is that the essential truths are still there.”
– Jamaal on “The truth within myths”

” I do like that original Norse Myth where Thor’s hammer got taken by a space alien.”
– Joe on “Viking poet Walt Simonson”

“It would be like if Wu-Tang, Bad Boy, and Death Row teamed up in the ’90s to make a rap album.”
– David B. on the upcoming God Squad arc in Incredible Hercules

“Standard Garth Ennis war porn”

“I could finish that picture but I have a drink.”
– Jamaal on Howard Chaykin’s drawing technique

“It’s not Guernica!”
– Joe on the sexiness of War is Hell.

“a young lad had been posting on the internet…”

“He just got a kid, so he needs his cash.”
– Pedro on Matt Fraction

– Joe on Dan Slott rising up and saving Marvel

“Sell it as a creator showcase, instead of as a character or plot showcase.”
– David B. on how to sell spoiler-free comics.

“That’s why people buy books that they are incredibly dissatisfied with for a long time.”
– Jamaal on why comics fans buy bad books.

“Who’s reading JLA?”

“They get to the planet and there’s no one there, except a crappy Justice League villain from the ’60s.”
– David B. on JLA’s Salvation Run tie-in.

Halfway to the Century Mark

“It’s the Gregorian calendar, there’s been a couple fixes over the years that we don’t need to talk about anymore, and the fact that it could possibly be 2016 right now instead of 2008 is something we’re just not gonna mention.”
– Joe on why this is the 50th podcast, instead of whatever number it should be.

“I hear Chris is turning into a spicy latina.”
– David on the FBBPodcast relaunch at New York Comic-con and the ensuing continuity changes.


  1. […] the way, the best podcast in history went live last week. Go give it a listen, too. You might hear a familiar voice talking about […]

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  2. I just listened to this episode today at work. When you talk about the star wars prequels, one of you recites a Patton Oswalt routine almost word for word.

    It was something along the lines of “Do you like Darth Vader? Here he is as a little kid!” etc. etc.

    Comment by Nick — August 14, 2008 @ 10:35 am

  3. Nick,

    If that was me, it’s because I love that routine. If it was not me, we will find and purge the miscreants.

    Patton Oswalt’s cd (where the routine is from) can be purchased here.

    Comment by Jamaal Thomas — August 14, 2008 @ 1:00 pm

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