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March 8, 2008

Amy Who?

Filed under: Blurbs — Jonathan Bernhardt @ 8:56 pm

Teen Titans: Year One #3 came out this week — and it rules, so go buy it — but take a look at the cover and see if you notice anything off.


Yep, Amy Wolfram, the writer, doesn’t get a cover credit, which is unfortunate, because she’s been doing a pretty good job. But before we get in a tizzy and suit up for internet war, though, I doubt it’s anything sinister, or really anything at all beyond the editors wanting to get the late Stephane Peru’s name onto the cover, and accidentally deleting Wolfram’s. Pretty rough, what with half the readers already glancing at her name and wondering why Marv Wolfman’s daughter is getting writing gigs.

Either way, this misprint is sure to up the single issue value of TT:YO #3 by AT LEAST thirteen pounds sterling, so go pick it up right now!!!

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