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February 25, 2008

Damn DC, why you got to fuck with my favorite books?

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At first glance, this solicit made me pause.

Written by Will Pfeifer;
Art and Cover by Rafael Albuquerque

Hold me closer, tiny demon! Blue Beetle and Traci 13 are just trying to have a normal date, but when that old black magic kicks up, there can’t be anything normal about it!

However, I have heard John Rogers had plans for another year, so I didn’t give it too much mind. He’s busy doing a TV show and they needed Will for a fill in. Cool as Ice. I don’t love Pfeifer but I do like a bit of his work enough not to mind a little pit stop. It’s not enough to make me drop a book from my pull like the sight of Bruce Jones is.

However, I saw this post.

Sigh. I know it’s for a better gig, but Rogers work on Blue Beetle is one of the few things I love at DC. I heard that I’m not the only one who loves Jaime and what Rogers does on the title, supposedly Geoff Johns is a fan. I wonder if there are any books Johns is leaving soon that may have ties to what Rogers is doing now?

I’ll tentatively keep this on my pull for now and hope it’s one of those situations where editorial lays off instead of leaning hard on him.

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