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February 6, 2008

Pull List Reviews for February 6, 2008

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Just finished up my morning reading, here’s what I thought:

Uncanny X-Men #495: Man, this was shockingly good. Brubaker is an A-list writer in comics right now, but Uncanny has always been the black mark on his schedule. Rise and Fall of the Shi’ar was a boring plot with drab character work; The Extremists was a fun five-issue story that dragged on too long and ended in a dangling thread; and Messiah CompleX was basically filler except for Mike Carey’s issues. So I got this expecting the same old mediocre but passable X-Men storytelling and character work that marked his run so far. And I was really, really pleasantly surprised. For the first time in years, Uncanny feels less like some sort of X-Men Gaiden and more like, well, the main fucking X-Men book. It’s a downtime issue with some really funny moments, some excellent character work, and gorgeous Mike Choi art. If you’ve been waffling on Bru’s run so far, give this a shot. It feels like he’s finally doing his own thing.

Nightwing #141: This week’s other pleasant surprise. Tomasi captures that successful twentysomething voice for Dick (and his peers) in a way that Jones and Wolfman just seemed incapable of. There’s some plot going on with a villain and dead bodies or whatever, but this issue is really great just to see Dick interact with his peers and set up his base in New York in a methodical, intelligent, refreshing way. Also, some great scenes with Bruce, Alfred and especially Wally.

Supergirl #26: This book is really interesting, and different. I’m enjoying it. But it’s just plain too fucking different and despite the smart writing, I just don’t see this book surviving much longer. I’m fascinated by the turn it takes at the end, and it’s definitely going for a fresh and different perspective on the teen superhero book, but it’s taking too damn long to get there and seems calculated to turn off as many casual readers as possible. I liked it, but… I’m torn.

Amazing Spider-Man #549: The book certainly keeps its voice moving from Slott to Guggenheim. The Jackpot story at least gets the cliches and obvious suspicions out of the way early, and Larroca’s art is gorgeous. If you enjoyed the first month, give it a try, but I really hope the writers have a twist coming to differentiate this era from the Essentials you can go get at Barnes & Noble.

Detective Comics #841: Alright, Paul, time to bring shit together. These fun done-in-ones can only go on for so long. Nguyen’s art is fantastic, and this is certainly better than last month’s Ra’s albino Ghul crap, but maybe I would have enjoyed the issue more if Dini hadn’t blown the twist at a panel like four months ago. If you’re a fan of Dini’s done-in-ones, though, this is one of the best ones in the run so far.

Justice Society of America #12: I’m really liking this book, and I’m really enjoying a lot of these new characters, but… why are they only going after legacies? I’m still unclear on this, don’t non-legacy superhumans need a hand too? How much longer are we going to have these introductions to Johns’s pet new legacy heroes before we finally get to the conflict? I was loving this book at the beginning, but the breezy pace this arc is going at as well as Johns’s infatuation with this legacy-based alternate American history of the DCU is just really starting to get old. Hopefully next issue will rectify this.

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