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October 27, 2007

Downcounting Presents: Batman & the Downcounters: Four of a Kind: 3 of 4 (#28, “And Now, Forager!”)

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Still on the fast boat to the HALFWAY POINT of this epic Countdown! Stuff is really going to heat up soon, I just know it! I mean, they’re getting around to naming characters they introduced ten issues ago, you know shit is ON!


Google Image Search, where the hell is my Flippa Dippa fan art???pp. 1-4 True to their word… now, Forager! And unlike her appearance about ten weeks, ago, this time Forager’s got a name, wings and some insect titties. She’s also got an awesome superiority complex where she keeps on calling humans silly little “gnats”, foolish “bugs in an anthill”… which is fascinating, since Forager’s people are “bugs”/insectoid, and Forager I was basically a civil rights activist for the Bugs, and Forager II is meant to be following in his proud progressive footsteps. So as soon as she hits Earth, she starts being totally speciesist against humans, and using the Language of the Oppressors to do it! Also she busts up in on Jimmy and says she needs his help! But for what? Why would Forager possibly want to talk to Jimmy Olsen? I am stumped, this is quite the cliffhanger! Oh, also they got around to naming Big Words this week. Still no mention of what Gabby’s name is, or why he and Scrapper are still being drawn as little kids. Also, STILL NO FLIPPA DIPPA. This is a miscarriage of maritime justice!

Might this be a stealth marketing tie-in to the new season of Nip/Tuck?

pp. 5-9: Last week, Piper, Trickster & Double Down were chilling in a diner when the Suicide Squad showed up! This week, the Suicide Squad is here! They use some sort of Men in Black amnesia ray on everyone for some reason and then capture Double Down. Trickster manages to cobble together an invisibility device out of stuff behind the counter in a diner in like thirty seconds, or possibly he got his magic bag of gadgets back at some point off-panel. Either way, he makes a big point of how it does not mask sound or anything else, it only makes them invisible. This apparently works, and keeps the Squad from being able to find them — and I guess this kind of checks out? At least according to Wikipedia, Bronze Tiger doesn’t have the cliche “enhanced senses” that would allow him to track them down by scent, and to my knowledge there’s nothing established about Deadshot having infra-red or anything else in his fancy-targeting-eyemask. So maybe this daring escape plan would actually work for the Rogues. Bravo, Trickster!

Deadshot Bunny would have definitely found them with his enhanced bunny senses.Having successfully escaped from the Suicide Squad, our two protagonists — reformed supervillains, wrongfully accused of a crime (even though they are at bare minimum accessories to murder) — decide there’s only one thing to do — use the invisibility device to sneak onto the Suicide Squad’s vehicle, then break all the supervillains out of jail! It will make them a hero to all of the murderous psychos they are trying to distance themselves from, and will in no way put them in harm’s way! I guess it is hard to come up with gay jokes and cunning plans simultaneously, and Trickster is a man with priorities.

A Preview of the Upcoming Kamandi Seriespp. 10-13: Back at NORAD, Brother Eye had decided to trap Karate Kid, Una, Buddy and Kamandi (they still haven’t given this kid a name but come ON) in his underground lair FOREVER, for he is so lonely! He is shooting laser beams at Karate Kid and accusing the Kid of starting it, saying “he shot Eye first.” Oh yeah, EYE don’t know if you notEYEced but Brother Eye has decEYEded to adopt a hEYElarious varEYEation on normal English dEYEalect where Eye makes a myrEYEad of excrutEYEating puns relating to the word EYE in ever lEYEne of dEYEalogue Eye has this EYEsue. WhEYE — ahem. Why exactly Brother Eye didn’t bother doing this in the last two issues it appeared is beyond me, but it’s here in full effect, so much so that it may distract readers from the fact that Karate Kid never actually hit Brother Eye… except on the cover of last issue. Which, amazingly, Mike Carlin is claiming is part of the plot-advancing story of the comic.

Brother Eye attacked Karate Kid in #29 first… the Kid retaliated obviously… And Brother Eye rated that retaliation in the first panel of the Karate Kid section. The cover of #29 represented Karate Kid’s defensive move. (It is hard to give all the stories the space they need— and as I’ve said before some short-hand has been necessary. This should ease off as stories end and merge in the coming months.)

Yes, the story is proceeding at such a breakneck pace, you can hardly spare half a panel for editor’s notes, or, you know an actual plot point! Brother Eye continues to act like a crazy baby, Buddy Blank reveals that Pseudo People is a subsidiary of Waynetech and Brother Eye is based on his designs but must have been “pirated” — and then little Kamandi acts nice to Brother Eye and so BE decides to be friendly after all. Unfortunately his tantrum has made him forget all about his whole “I recognize this, the Great Disaster has come to me!” speech from two weeks ago, and he’s back to being totally stumped as to what is wrong with Karate Kid. Aren’t we all? He can, however, tell that the same MYSTERY DISEASE is held in some cannisters under Bludhaven. I have no idea how Brother Eye could possibly determine that, but hey — step five in the never-ending “Karate Kid World Tour” brings him into contact with one of the least readable, least enjoyable “event” books DC has done in recents years! No, not Countdown, silly! We’re bringing back Crisis Aftermath: Battle for Bludhaven! AWESOME.

pp. 14-15: And the awesome tie-ins continue! Mary Marvel is still being evil with Eclipso, though DC insists, she is no murderer! No, she is just doing wacky Spectre stuff like turning hunters into tiny little people about to get squashed by a rhino stampede, or turning loggers into trees so the next set of loggers will cut them down. Admittedly, her trick of instantly aging all the inmates on Death Row at least has some sort of “punishing the guilty” vibe down, but the former two examples hew much closer to the “being a colossal jerk” line she was going for the other week. Anyway, the tie-in is that the Shadowpact have taken note, and are going to take her on! I wonder if this will finally get them to acknowledge that Mary Marvel teamed up with Shadowpact to try to stop Eclipso/Jean Loring from destroying all magic in Day of Vengeance? Or is that asking too much?

p. 16: Oh hey, we don’t have to wait for next week to find out why Forager wants to talk to Jimmy. It’s because of the whole Death of the New Gods plot. Gee, that should’ve been obvious, but given the way they structured the story, it sure seemed like something I was supposed to be curious about! Oh and then they spoil Death of the New Gods #1 (on sale this week) by revealing the last-page death from that book, Big Barda. Thanks, DC!

Neko Case looks nothing like Donna Troypp. 17-21: It’s the Multiverse Clusterfuck, continued! I guess Gun Toting Monitor has taken off, but everyone else is still on Earth-8. Monarch confronts Bob the Monitor and brags about how he is many times more powerful than all the Monitors combined. Not that any of them have done anything of note so far, but it’s good to know the Cosmic Pecking Order. Monarch offers the C-List Monitor Posse a chance to join his army or die, the same thing he offered the Extremists. Lord Havok decides to attack Monarch and a big ol’ fight ensues, and then the Crime Society burst through the wall, so that now there are four members of the C-List Monitor Posse, six Extremists, at least three Crime Society members and Monarch and Forerunner. And all of them have ill-defined powers! Some of them don’t even have names, officially! Yes, it’s a grand ol’ hootenanny at the Multiverse Clusterfuck! And in the last panel, Forerunner refers to the CLMP as “Challengers”. I assume she went to Earth-Prime and read some marketing material for Countdown, otherwise the name “Challengers of the Beyond” has no reason for existing. But this big fight will continue next week! Exciting!


  1. New Pornographers shout out?! Hellyeah

    Comment by Jon — October 30, 2007 @ 4:35 pm

  2. Wait, so they actually started modeling Brother Eye’s dialogue after Eyeball from 12 oz. Mouse?

    Mind. Fucking. Blown.

    Comment by Dave — October 31, 2007 @ 2:08 pm

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