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July 9, 2007

I’m so happy Blue Beetle is in that other 25%.

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It’s A me Dan Didio

We’re really not a linkblog but reading this interview with Dan Didio at The ComicBloc, I’m left speechless. I’m also technically not supposed to gripe about Didio publicly after my promise on the podcast. I’m just gonna hit you with this quote.

ELM: Before the interview, I went back to look at the press release from when you were hired in 2002, part of your job description was going to be “story development.” Touching on your previous statement, would you say that this entails more general, overall development regarding the DCU line?

DD: Yeah, we are in a position right now where we have a direction in what we are trying to do for the DCU and we have an overarching story that we’re trying to tell. I’d say about 75% of the concepts that are being created are editorially driven. And realistically, at that point, we are trying to figure out bringing in the best people for the job. One of the tougher aspects of the job is waiting for people to pitch you ideas, you know? And I’ve found that a lot of times some people hesitate to pitch me an idea because they think somebody else might be working on it, so, you might miss out on an idea there. And then you also might miss out when a character comes free, you might get four to six different pitches from four to six really incredible and competent writers and they all might be slight variations from each other so you’re always left in the position of trying to determine what is the better one. It just turns into a pushing and pulling match. And, we look at it this way, we know we have certain characters and certain ideas, this way we can really just go out and hire the best people for the job and that is something that I really look forward to.

July 7, 2007

MoCCA Reviews – First Second Books pt. 1 – Deogratias – A Tale of Rwanda

Every once in a while, I’m reminded of why comic books are one of the few mediums that I cherished as a child that I still love with the same fervor today. I stopped playing video games when I was ten, stopped caring about anime when I was sixteen, and only have an occasional interest in television. For me, comics are a unique form of storytelling that allows the reader to rely on his/her own imagination to propel the story and develop character, and that achieves an economy in storytelling (due to its visual elements) that is rare in prose. I forget this too often, especially when most discussions I have about comics are about the minutiae of the lives of super-heroes.



FBBP #18.5 – Law Chat, Our Nerdiest Episode Ever

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Jamaal Starts it off with a discussion and a layman’s explanation of the Leegin anti-trust case, and sounds all dignified and shit. Then, he reveals his true colors when he explains the complete origin and explanation on who the Sinestro corps are and and we delve into a huge conversation on what the fuck has been going on in the green lantern corps for the past 20 years or so.

However, it does make for somewhat interesting listening… And even the über-geeks among you may learn something as both Chris and Jamaal have huge brains that they’ve aimed at deciphering the DC Comics universe. And they manage to pass some of their discoveries in this vast frontier down to us little people who dare not to travel in that land of time travel and dimension hopping…

July 4, 2007

Pull List Analysis for July 5, 2007

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Action Comics #851
Here it is, finally, the return of Geoff Johns & Richard Donner — with a $2.99 standard edition and a $3.99 *3D* edition. Between this and buying a double-gatefold anniversary issue of X-Men last week that set up a crossover, I’m getting severe ’90s flashback and I don’t think I’m the only one. However, this is kind of meaningless to bitch about because Johns and Donner’s Action Comics is a genuinely good book — I look forward to the regular writers returning with the Bizarro World arc in #855; I presume we will finally see the much-delayed end of Last Son sometime in early 2008 as a special or annual.

All Star Superman #8
The best ongoing in Big Two mainstream comics returns, again, with part two of “Being Bizarro”, an arc sure to make the upcoming Johns/Donner/Powell three-parter in Action Comics look downright dumb in comparison. Ah well.

Outsiders #49
The final part of the six-issue “Checkout” crossover between Greg Rucka’s Checkout and Judd Winick’s Outsiders, it features Batman coming in and deus ex machinaing it up. It’s also a lead-in to next month’s five-part “Outsiders: Five of a Kind” miniseries, which I guess starts introducing the new team, before September’s Outsiders #50 which is apparently the last issue (likely before a relaunch).

Supergirl #19
Joe Kelly’s final issue — adios to anorexic, whiny Kara, or so everybody in comics hopes. New regular team of Tony Bedard & Renato Guedes come on with the next issue.

Fallen Son The Death of Captain America #5
And now, a transcript of Jeph Loeb’s son’s funeral, as drawn by John Cassaday with everybody in costume.

Thor #1
It’s been a long long long long long time since we had a Thor book, but J. Michael Straczynski & Olivier Coipel are finally bringing him back. Thor is a character that had stagnated for a huge period of time, and Marvel’s putting their hopes on this team to bring him back into Marvel’s A-list. Unfortunately, JMS is possibly the most contrarian author in the modern Marvel Universe regarding the current direction, so hopefully he’ll stay out of proselytizing against Tony Stark (although he does appear in the upcoming #3) and just write a nice modern fantasy tale.

Uncanny X-Men #488
Brubaker’s return to form on this book continues (hopefully)?, backed up from the second part of “Endangered Species”, continuing from last week’s X-Men #200. With Brubaker, Carey, Larroca and Bagley on board this is likely to be one of the best values of the week considering the eight-page backups come at no extra cost.


FBBP #18 – MoCCA Recap & Reviews

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Chris, Jamaal, Pedro and I go through what we liked and picked up at the MoCCA show.

July 3, 2007

Anti-Trust Law and the Comics Industry

Love & Rockets Anthologies, Wave 2
Do these guys benefit more than Marvel from Leegin?

As has been widely reported, last week marked the close of the current session of the United States Supreme Court, which was marked by important decisions addressing abortion, free speech, campaign finance, employee rights under employment discrimination statutes, and racial desegregation in urban school systems. However, there are a broad range of decisions made by the Court which are less provocative, but have a powerful impact on how we all live our lives and conduct our business. One of those decisions could have a significant effect on the comic book industry, and on many industries that are experiencing turbulence due to the growing power of online commerce. In Leegin, the Court reversed a ninety year old case, holding that manufacturers are no longer necessarily barred from entering into retail price maintenance agreements with distributors and retailers.


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