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April 2, 2007

Pull List Analysis for the week of April 4, 2007

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The launch of the next wave of Marvel’s post-Civil War books, more Iron Fist, and the start of Fallen Son this week in the pull list analysis.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight #2 (Joss Whedon & Georges Jeanty) (Cover by Jo Chen)Ultimate Spider-Man: Clone Saga (Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley)The Death of Captain America #1 (Jeph Loeb & Leinil Yu)Detective Comics #831 (Paul Dini & Don Kramer) (Cover by Simone Bianchi)52 #48 (Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid & Darick Robertson) (Cover by J.G. Jones)

52 Week #48 $2.50
Absolute Batman The Long Halloween HC $75.00
All-New Atom #10 $2.99
American Splendor Another Day TP $14.99
American Virgin #13 $2.99
Batman Detective TP $14.99
Cipher Vol 7 TP $9.99
Danger Girl Body Shots #1 $2.99
Detective Comics #831 $2.99
Paul Dini returns with what is likely to be a renewed sense of focus on the DCU as a whole, mostly due to his new position as grand vizier of DC Comics with the recent announcement of Countdown. Also a long-awaited issue, as it’s Paul Dini’s return to the character of Harley Quinn, which should be especially interesting considering her recent appearance in Grant Morrison’s prose issue of Batman (#663).

Jack Of Fables #9 $2.99
Jonah Hex Vol 2 #18 $2.99
Jonah Hex Vol 2 Guns Of Vengeance TP $12.99
Justice League Of America Vol 2 #7 $3.50
Almost a year later… the team gets a headquarters and a lineup. Oh, Brad.

Justice League Unlimited #32 $2.25
Midnighter #6 $2.99
Nightmare On Elm Street #7 $2.99
Nightwing Vol 2 #131 $2.99
Scalped #4 $2.99
Sgt Rock The Prophecy TP $17.99
Showcase Presents Legion Of Super-Heroes Vol 1 TP $16.99
Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #28 $2.99
Supergirl Vol 5 #16 $2.99
Joe Kelly is joined by temporary co-writer Mark Sable and new series artist Ale Garza for an arc that, it seems, is supposed to definitively fix Supergirl, a character who has been somewhat maligned since her inception and set back by a considerable lack of an idea of what the hell anybody was going to do with her. Kelly seems to have one. Given the book’s recent relocation to Matt Idelson’s editorial department, we’ll see if he even gets a chance to implement it…

Superman Batman #33 $2.99
Superman Vol 3 #661 $2.99
Time Guardian Vol 1 TP $9.99
VS (Versus) Vol 5 TP $9.99
Welcome To Tranquility #5 $2.99

IDW Publishing
Angel Scriptbook Vol 2 TP $19.99
Star Trek Next Generation The Space Between #3 Incentive Photo Variant Cover $8.00
Star Trek Next Generation The Space Between #3 Regular Jeremy Geddes Cover $3.99
Star Trek Next Generation The Space Between #3 Regular Photo Cover $3.99

Cross Bronx Vol 1 TP $14.99
Spawn Collection Vol 3 TP $29.95
Unusual Suspects Original GN $12.99
Walking Dead Vol 2 Miles Behind Us TP New Printing $12.99

Alpha Flight Classic Vol 1 TP $24.99
Annihilation Heralds Of Galactus #2 Silver Surfer Firelord $3.99
Avengers The Initiative #1 $2.99
And now, a book whose sales Dan Slott won’t be able to complain on Demonoid about. Promoted from a six-issue mini to an ongoing before the release of the first issue, this book has the fairly broad mandate of “shit that isn’t in the other Avengers books that involves the Initiative.” Given Dan Slott, expect lots of obscure characters, continuity references and a somewhat tongue-in-cheek take on the Initiative. Marvel is giving both this book and Dan Slott a big push, so they clearly have a lot of faith in it – it remains to be seen how much it engenders in the readers, although initial orders are definitely a good sign.

Dark Tower Gunslinger Born #3 $3.99
DF Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #538 Signed By Ron Garney $19.99
Essential Spider-Man Vol 8 TP $16.99
Fallen Son Death Of Captain America $2.99
Jeph Loeb writes about — THE DEATH OF CAPTAIN AMERICA. He’s personally well acquainted with dealing with death, a fact he never neglects to mention in interviews, and Loeb is here to examine the five stages of grief in the Marvel Universe from Cap’s death, based on an idea by J. Michael Straczynski. Loeb’s writing has been erratic at best recently, and his recent Marvel work (Onslaught Reborn, Wolverine) hasn’t been met with much critical acclaim. Still, he’s certainly a writer who sells and has a humongous fanbase, so I’m sure this book will do very well given the subject matter and the creative teams attached (Yu, McGuinness, Romita Jr., Finch and Cassaday for #1-5, respectively). But will it be any good? Is this Superman For All Seasons Loeb or Onslaught Reborn Loeb? The preview pages are somewhat ambiguous…

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #19 $2.99
Ghost Rider Trail Of Tears #3 $2.99
Hulk And Power Pack #2 $2.99
Immortal Iron Fist #4 $2.99
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #105 $2.99
The likely-to-be-tragic end of Planet Hulk that kick-starts this summer’s big crossover event, World War Hulk. This arc has been great so far and I see no reason for that to change — if you haven’t read it yet, catch up in trades. Speaking as someone who was never much interested in the Hulk before this story, this is something really special.

Iron Man Hypervelocity #4 $2.99
Irredeemable Ant-Man #7 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #26 $2.99
Marvel Zombies Army Of Darkness #1 DE Exclusive Arthur Suydam Variant Cover $14.99
Marvel Zombies Army Of Darkness #2 $2.99
Ms Marvel Vol 2 #14 $2.99
New Excalibur #18 $2.99
Omega Flight #1 $2.99
Already downgraded from an ongoing to a five-issue miniseries, the sales for this series certainly don’t look hopeful. However, Oeming is a great writer within the MU (his recent Ares miniseries was top-notch stuff, you may recognize the character from this little Mighty Avengers comic) and this book might get some significant shelf life in trade paperback or hardcover. Apparently this was one of the earliest-hatched post-Civil War plans, and the lineup is certainly a motley crew, so we’ll see how the very talented Oeming and Kolins convince the audience.

Ptolus City By The Spire #6 $2.99
Punisher MAX #46 $2.99
Runaways Vol 2 #25 $2.99
Spider-Girl Vol 8 Duty Calls TP Digest $7.99
Spider-Man Family #2 $4.99
Thunderbolts Presents Zemo Born Better #3 $2.99
Ultimate Marvel Flip Magazine #24 $4.99
Ultimate Spider-Man Clone Saga HC $29.99
Ultimate Tales Flip Magazine #24 $4.99
Wolverine Origins Vol 1 Born In Blood TP $13.99

Dark Horse
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol 2 #2 (Season 8) Regular Jo Chen Cover $2.99
You know what this is and you want it, or you don’t. Sadly, it’s kinda that simple.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Vol 2 #2 (Season 8) Variant Georges Jeanty Cover $4.00
Oldboy Vol 5 TP $12.95
Secret #3 $2.99


AC Comics
Men Of Mystery #65 $9.95

ADV Manga
Cromartie High School Manga Vol 10 TP $10.95

AKA Comics
Miscellaneous Adventures Of Stykman #1 $2.95

Antarctic Press
Ninja High School #148 $2.99

Avatar Press
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Blacklands #4 $3.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Pirate Queen Lethal Lady Cvr $5.99
Escape Of The Living Dead Annual #1 Incentive Cvr $8.99
Threshold Mythic Sirens Pinups $4.99
Warren Ellis Wolfskin #3 $3.99

Basement Comics
Scarlet Cascade Fearbook $7.95

Blue Line Production
Best Of Sketch Magazine Vol 1 TP 2nd Ptg $18.95
Notes To Draw From Vol 1 TP New Printing $19.95

BOOM! Studios
Fall Of Cthulhu #1 $3.99

Broccoli International
Es Vol 2 GN Broccoli $9.99
Murder Princess Vol 1 GN $9.99

Claypool Comics
Deadbeats #82 $2.50

Continuity Studios
Neal Adams Rowdy And Beautiful Women Sketch Book SC Signed By Neal Adams $30.00
Neal Adams Savage Sketch Book SC Signed By Neal Adams $30.00
Neal Adams Sketches Sketch Book SC $20.00
Neal Adams Sketches Sketch Book SC Signed By Neal Adams $30.00

Devils Due Publishing
GI Joe Americas Elite #22 $3.50

Digital Manga Publishing
Loveholic Vol 1 GN $12.95

Digital Webbing
Bloodrayne Plague Of Dreams #3 $3.99

Dynamite Entertainment

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Apocalypse #1 Foil Cvr $24.99
Painkiller Jane Vol 3 #0 $0.25
Raise The Dead #1 $3.50
Savage Tales (DE) #1 $4.99
Street Magik GN $12.99
Witchblade Shades Of Gray #1 Foil Cvr $24.99

Confessions Romances Secrets And Temptations TP $9.95

Harper Collins
28 Days Later The Aftermath TP $17.99
Dirty Job TP $13.95

Harry N. Abrams Books
Manga Shakespeare Hamlet TP $9.95
Manga Shakespeare Romeo And Juliet TP $9.95

Kenzer & Company
Knights Of The Dinner Table #125 $4.99

Mirage Studios
Tales Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #32 $3.25
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie Prequel #4 April $3.25
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Movie Prequel #5 Leonardo $3.25

Spider Chronicles SC $16.95

Nachshon Press
Homeland The Illustrated History Of The State Of Israel HC $34.95
Homeland The Illustrated History Of The State Of Israel TP $19.95

Near Mint Press
Experts #2 $3.00

Oni Press
Maintenance #3 $3.50

Penguin Group
Danse Macabre An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel Vol 14 MMPB $7.99

Prima Publishing
Perfect Dark Janus Tears TP $19.99

Radio Comix
Furrlough #169 $3.50

Random House
Dangerous Games MMPB $6.99
Dirt On Pigpen TP $12.95
Elks Run TP $19.95
Transformers Ghosts Of Yesterday MMPB $6.99

SAF Comics
Two White Wizards GN $15.95

Simon & Schuster
Star Trek Ships Of The Line HC $19.95

Blue Beetle Companion SC $16.95

Tezukas Buddha Vol 6 Ananda SC $14.95

Very Dynamic Comics
Books With Pictures #2 $2.95

Weinstein Books
Grindhouse The Sleaze-Filled Saga Of An Exploitation Double Feature HC $29.95

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  1. Fallen Son was surprisingly not bad

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